05/09/2012 5:24PM

River Downs: Motorcycle accident can't keep Ouzts from winning daily double


CINCINNATI, Ohio – How tough is Perry Ouzts?

The 57-year-old veteran jockey was involved in a serious accident riding his motorcycle to River Downs on Wednesday, but still made it to the track in time to win the daily double.

Ouzts was going westbound on interstate 275 at about 65 miles per hour when a car entered the highway and slammed into him, totaling Ouzts’s motorcycle and sending him crashing to the pavement. Another driver saw the accident and stopped traffic, making sure Ouzts wasn’t run over. His motorcycle went tumbling and sailed over an embankment.

Fortunately, Outzs had his helmet and racing flak jacket on in addition to a set of leather chaps that kept his legs safe.

After the ordeal, Ouzts made his way to the track and won both halves of the daily double with Noshameinhergame ($3) and Eolos ($5.40).

Ouzts has been the leading rider 26 times at River Downs and has 5,860 lifetime wins.


bob g More than 1 year ago
damn ouzts riding horses should be danger enough for one man but motorcycles also !!!! take it easy man we need you on them horses not on them harleys
John Huber More than 1 year ago
I wish this guy nothing but the best! At 57, he can still ride the hair of them! Before I moved to Vegas, I loved going to River Downs and watching Perry ride!
Weston Wilson More than 1 year ago
Nothing can stop that man. I remember watching his mount come out of the gate and head straight for the rail. He was dismounted, his head literally slammed into the rail and are enough he was back the next race with a winner.
radnor87 More than 1 year ago
One tough cookie for sure. These guys get chased by an ambulance every time They go to work, all in all they are a pretty tough bunch.
Robert Smith More than 1 year ago
Boot scoutin Ouzts Damn im glad he made it out of that. This guys blood needs to be preserved for future generations. One stand up gentleman and all round tough mofo.