08/02/2012 3:38PM

Retirement of Inherit the Gold in dispute

Barbara D. Livingston
Inherit the Gold's owners are disputing the horse's retirement from racing in a New York court.

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – A dispute between the owners of Inherit the Gold could alter plans for the recently retired New York-bred gelding, including a possible return to the races.

Mary Murray, who races under the name Glas-Tipp Stables and who owns 50 percent of Inherit the Gold, said she was never informed by trainer Jim Hooper that Inherit the Gold was going to be retired. She said she heard about it through the media.

Further, Murray has a lawsuit against Jim Hooper and his wife Susanne – who is listed as 37.5 percent owner of Inherit the Gold – in which she alleges fraud and a breach of fiduciary duties. The case is in Supreme Court in Saratoga County, N.Y.

Murray, who also is co-breeder of the horse along with Susanne Hooper, claims she has not been fully paid all the monies due her for what Inherit the Gold has earned on the track. Inherit the Gold, who won the Grade 3 Excelsior in 2011, has won $478,985 in his career, including $111,300 in 2012.

Jim Hooper said that Murray has been paid in full.

“We’ve asked for a statement as for how much she thinks we owe her for over four months,” Hooper said.

Murray said that she and owner Alan Zura, who races under the name Ochre House Stable, “have been completely shut out” of discussions involving plans for Inherit the Gold. Murray said she wasn’t notified when Hooper moved the horse from Saratoga to his farm, Haven Oaks Farm, in Fort Edward, in June.

Last week, Hooper told Daily Racing Form that Inherit the Gold was being retired, citing various issues with three of his ankles. Hooper said he had reports from three veterinarians recommending that Inherit the Gold be retired.

However, Murray said she has not seen any of those reports and wants the horse examined by an independent veterinarian at Cornell or Tufts University. Murray’s attorney, John Leggett, said the only reports he and Murray have received are from Dr. Bill Barnes of Saratoga Equine, who said Inherit the Gold would need chips removed from an ankle before he could compete as a racehorse or show horse.

Murray said it would not be her intent to race Inherit the Gold again, if it would endanger the horse’s well-being.

“My total interests are what’s best for the horse,” Murray said. “He gave me some of the thrills of a lifetime.”

She was emphatic when she said “I do not want him retired at Haven Oaks.”

Hooper said Murray “has no business being around racehorses. She doesn’t know when to stop on them.”

Kyle LaPierre More than 1 year ago
Before I start let me say I have known the Hoopers for 30 plus years. I have been around racehorses longer than that. I can honestly say that I have been to Haven Oaks 100+ times. I have brought little league baseball teams to the farm, at which time Jim bought them Ice Cream and had them participate in "Name the Horse" contest for a new foal. I was always taken by the overall care the Hoopers displayed for their horses. Whether an unraced maiden, claimers (which often raced @ Fingerlakes) or "Harry". They offer the BEST the small farm has to offer. I have seen the crazy requests and comments of Ms. Murray. She has questioned Vet's recommendations with comments like "I read Wikipedia.........." Seriously, apparently unaware anybody can post anything on the site. This woman is acting out of PURE SPITE. I know Sue Hooper and she is one of the most patient people on earth. But Ms. Murray even drove her crazy with her stunts. It appears she has forgotten the 2 previous surgeries the horse has been through. I was at Saratoga Oklahoma track when the chief rider of "Harry" had tears in his eyes agreeing with Jim about retirement. I think it speaks volumes that she has had over 10 different trainers in the past 10 years and has nothing good to say about any of them. (She is not The Ramseys who need alot of trainers, because they have alot of horses. She has few.) If Jim had let her decide on the fate of "Harry" over the years, he probably would have been a claimer by now, if not Euthanized from a catastrophic breakdown. And that's just my opinion. Let me say Congrats to Jim and Sue for a job well done. And SHAME ON YOU MS. MURRAY
Leonard More than 1 year ago
Sometimes its hard to hear the truth when you live in denial and think you know whats best, but the real question is best for who? when you take someones money to share in something then that is exactly what it means, everyone that pays has a say not those that are controlling the horse solely. Be fair to all and quit acting as if your the sole owner of the horse and this BS that your saying as if your looking out for the horse when in fact what your doing is called horse theft for your personal intrest only when in fact there are others that have a say in the horse not just you.
Kyle LaPierre More than 1 year ago
Leonard, Do you honestly think when someone purchases a horse they are equal to or MORE informed than Vets, and the trainer? You sir either are a friend of the misguided Murrays or a fool.
Alan Rosenthal More than 1 year ago
Lady, tell your B.S. story to someone who might believe You!
Rebecca More than 1 year ago
I personally work and have know Jim and Sue Hooper for years, they are honest good people. This artice was Murrys idea, as to discredit the Hoopers, when the facts are the facts. Murry knew where Inherit the Gold went when he left the track, she also was well informed about his retirement and why.. She also has had every opportunity to speak with and see any and ALL vet recommendations. Sue is the managing partner of Inherit the Gold and THANK GOD. Murry would run him into the GROUND, than retire him to a farm where hes kept in a EXTREMELY small paddock w no grass, to live out his days!!!!!! So before you jump on the Hoopers, look at the the source who has asked that this slanderous artice be printed( Murry). Also lets take a good heathy look at where Glass Tips other horses are, their conditons as well as their racing abitliys. Furthermore, Haven Oaks is a beautiful farm, and the animals are well taken care of, and I know this bc I am there daily. Inherit the Gold for sure will recieve an AMAZING RETIREMENT, because he is in the care of peoplpe who look out for HIS best interest not their own. My personal belief is that Murry would run him ragged until he simply couldnt perform anymore, or have a terriable catastophic breakdown due to her selfish needs.
Pam Losert More than 1 year ago
rebecca if you hear from Murray tell her she should send some of the retiree's over to me i have so much grass we had to have it brushed hogged down twice already this summer. we have way more than they can keep up with. each horse has his own stall they can go in and out at will, they each have a paddle fan and a box fan on the front of their stall and each horse has a dirt paddock with a gate to a large pasture. i have 2 pastures with gorgeous purple clover that nobody has touched this year they are so busy trying to eat down what they have in their own pastures.
Leonard More than 1 year ago
The real question Pam is why so much available space that sounds so invitingbut yet no takers ??? If it sounds too good then it must not be as good as it is being made out to be otherwise it wouldn't be just sitting there with no takers. My opinion would be to pass something just doesn't seem right, "Too good to be true"
Pam Losert More than 1 year ago
Leonard, i didn't say their were no takers your reading between the lines. i simply said the horses can't eat it fast enough we have to keep brush hogging it down. in Ny you have to make you keep the grass fairly low to help avoid the horses getting lymes disease. they love their grass but aren't too happy if they contract lymes disease. Also, and probably the biggest problem we don't lock them out in the grass and force them to endure the bugs and heat all day and nite. they have the option of running back to the stall infront of the fans. Exactly what they were doing today. At nite you have the mosquitos that cause many deadly illness' for horses so i am glad they are not locked outside to potentially fall victim to that.
Kyle LaPierre More than 1 year ago
I guess you answered my question. You are both a friend to the Murrays AND a FOOL
mrm More than 1 year ago
Owning a race horse will make a person loose his or her mind.
Tricia Shadduck More than 1 year ago
Unless you know the exact relationship of the partnership, you can't really say anything about majority. In some racing partnerships, a lesser partner could be the managing partner if that is what the agreement is.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Majority owner gets majority say, and it would have been nice, if it's true, to have informed the majority owner of ANY news relating to the horse. That the Hoopers are now saying their co-owner, who hasn't been any trouble before---until she decided to sue---shouldn't be around horses anymore raises a red flag about THEM (no matter how long anyone's known them and can vouch for them). Unless Jim Hooper's name wants to be mud, maybe, just maybe, he better try and settle things privately instead of making libelous remarks to the press.
Kyle LaPierre More than 1 year ago
Stating facts about a vengeful old bitty is not libelous. Anonymous why not sign your name to this????
PennNatRick More than 1 year ago
Matz wasn't told about this either.
Kyle LaPierre More than 1 year ago
It was the Matz story that gave the old coot the idea to harass the Hoopers. Too bad, different situation entirely.
Tricia Shadduck More than 1 year ago
I know the Hoopers personally.. I use to gallop for them. They are the BEST race horse owners I have EVER met, would go above and beyond for anyone's horses, let alone their own. They do nothing but the very best for their horses, whether its a retired broodmare or a top racing filly.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Three ankles, three vets and every penny went through the Horsemen's Bookkeeper. That means a paper trail that even Eric Holder could follow. This lady(?) has nothing coming but 50% of 'Gold's' expenses for life. HEY! All you cats out there spotting the greedy ones, here you go!!!
superdog More than 1 year ago
Boy, did you nail it,Chad. As a former owner, i can tell you, the expense never ends, and that is why it is called" THE SPORT OF Kings,".