12/02/2002 12:00AM

Rams and Cowboys take early money


LAS VEGAS - For the first time this football season, there was more line movement on the NFL betting board than on college games when the Stardust conducted its lottery Sunday night.

Of course, that wasn't a surprise, because there were 12 NFL games (with sides and totals on each) and only eight college sides available. In all, five NFL sides and three totals saw action while only three college lines moved off their opening numbers.

The most interesting line move was on the Rams as they took early money at +3 vs. the Chiefs. The line was moved to 2 1/2 and money came back in on the Chiefs. The Stardust then put the line back at 3, but forced Ram bettors to lay -120 (bet $1.20 to win $1) instead of the standard vig of 10 percent. No one else bit.

The Cowboys were the only other NFL dog to take money, bet from +5 1/2 to +4 1/2 vs. the 49ers. The Patriots, Redskins, and Packers took money as home favorites.

The three NFL totals that moved all went to the under in games that could be played in inclement weather.

All three college moves were on favorites as Cincinnati was bet from -7 to -7 1/2 vs. East Carolina in the lone Friday game; Navy was bet from -2 1/2 to -3 in the Army-Navy game to be played Saturday in East Rutherford, N.J.; and Georgia was bet from -8 to -8 1/2 vs. Arkansas in the SEC title game.