05/22/2007 11:00PM

Radosevich wins ninth training title


Jeff Radosevich won his ninth meet training title and sixth in a row with 18 winners during the Summit Meet. Radosevich finished ninth nationally in 2006 with 180 winners.

"I don't think about titles too much," he said. "I just go on to the next one."

Winning titles here just became a little more difficult, as Gerald Bennett, one of the Midwest's winningest trainers, has shipped in 25 horses after having a very successful meet at Tampa Bay Downs where he finished third in the standings with 31 winners. Bennett also has a division of horses at Great Lakes Downs.

Bennett is no stranger to Thistledown. He first came here in 1987 and wasted no time making his prescense felt by winning the Summit Meet, one of four meets held here annually. Bennett did not stay the whole season that year but has spent four or five other short stints here and always has won his share of races.