05/09/2002 11:00PM

Racing's web status targeted


An exemption granted to racing in a bill that bans all other forms of Internet gambling is being targeted by a Utah congressman, racing officials said Friday.

Rep. Chris Cannon, a Republican, plans to introduce an amendment stripping the exemption from the bill during a House Judiciary Committee meeting on May 15, the officials said.

The bill, commonly called the Goodlatte bill after its chief sponsor, Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, was introduced to the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, the first official action for the legislation.

The American Horse Council, a lobbying group that represents the horse industry, has contacted its members over the past few days urging them to mobilize opposition to the Cannon amendment, according to Jay Hickey, president of the organization.

"We've got everybody writing cards and letters to their congressmen," Hickey said.

The bill is the latest version of legislation seeking to ban gambling on the Internet. Previous efforts over the past three years have failed.