07/27/2012 7:22PM

Rachel Alexandra colt name announced: Jess's Dream

Barbara D. Livingston
Rachel Alexandra at Stonestreet Farm with Jess's Dream, her foal by Curlin.

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. -- Those looking for a 2-year-old colt to bet on in 2014 should remember the name Jess’s Dream.

That’s the name of the resulting foal from the mating of champions Curlin and Rachel Alexandra, who was born earlier this year.

The colt was named after Jess Jackson, who owned Curlin, the Horse of the Year in 2007-08, and Rachel Alexandra, the Horse of the Year in 2009.

Barbara Banke, the widow of Jackson -- who died in April 2011 -- and Chris Jackson, Jess’s son, announced the name Friday in the Saratoga winner’s circle immediately following the running of the Curlin Stakes.

“It was always my dad and her husband’s dream to breed Rachel and Curlin together,” said Chris Jackson. “He believed he could create a super horse, one that was truly capable. We’re going to love Jess’s Dream regardless of what his racing career is.”

The name Jess’s Dream received the most votes (220) from the more than 6,500 submissions Banke and Jackson received during the winter. It was also a name they particularly liked.

“We actually liked that name a lot ourselves and it happened to be the one that had the most votes,” Banke said.

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Chris Bucholtz, of Chino, Calif., was one of the 220 fans who submitted the name Jess’s Dream. A few days ago, Banke and Jackson picked his name out of a hat among the others, and Bucholtz gets to visit Curlin, Rachel Alexandra, and Jess’s Dream at Stonestreet Farm in Lexington.

“In a way racing Curlin and racing Rachel was always about the fans,” Chris Jackson said. “That’s why my father brought back Curlin for his 4-year-old season and Rachel as well. Having a name that was submitted by a lot of avid fans of the two horses kind of made it popular and gives them a chance to take pride in the animal as he competes on the racetrack.”

Liza Sheker More than 1 year ago
So disappointing - too obvious. How about Vinter's Reward?
Mine thatbird More than 1 year ago
Like many others I am underwhelmed by the name chosen for the Rachel Curlin colt. However, I appreciate Stonestreet for getting fans involved in the naming process. Also congratulations to the winner of the contest.
MJP More than 1 year ago
Should've been called "Evading Braggart".
Marcy Leonard More than 1 year ago
I love it !!!
Don Passidomo More than 1 year ago
Best of luck Stonestreet, wish I had won, my name was Jesbankoncurlrason, which is a mouthful, but it had all the elements, Jess/Bank,father,mother,son.....love the name you selected though and as you wish, thanks for the opportunity, Don Passidomo MSLS
Kimberly Shugars More than 1 year ago
Yawn.....Not very inspiring. As for Zenyatta's foal, I heard his name will be Driven To Tears, Not Mondatta (also predictable and BORING and taken)....People need to use their imaginations, instead of going for the most obvious names. Also, there is a 7 yr old Distorted Humor/Roman Song mare out there with the name Mondatta owned by guess who ??? Jerry and Ann Moss. AZ, you might want to check the JC before you make such comments as "the only name that makes sense". There is a 2 yr old filly out there also named Mondatta by Seekers Reward out of City Heat.. There was a horse called Driven To Tears bred in France in 1979 but was euthenized in 1983 after breaking down at Bay Meadows, so the name is available if it is indeed the one they select for Zen's colt.
AZ Wildcat More than 1 year ago
Next up is Baby Z and there is only one name that makes sense - Mondatta.
Heidi Kruckenberg More than 1 year ago
Ok, I can see what peoples opinions are but, really? This colt will be held in such high regard and the same for Zenyatta's. If you don't like his name, say so and leave it at that. I kinda agree that the name is kind funny but, that's the one chosen by several fans that submitted their votes. So, before you go bashing Barba Banke (JJ isn't hear anymore), take it up with the voters insteaad. What if the Moss's give the Prince a funky name, will you say the same about them? I don't think so. I love both mares and both camps, just didn't like JJ and Asmussen. That's my opinion and I look forward to following Jess's Dream. And can't wait for the Prince's name to be announced. Then, let the bickering begin just like it did with RA and Zenny, geesh!
Trisha More than 1 year ago
Wow! You people are really brutal! I like the name, I think it is a fine representation of Rachel, Curlin and Jess Jackson. You don't become a "superstar" because of your name! He has good genes, great owner's and probably a wonderful trainer! Don't bet on him if you don't like his name, but I hope you all loose a lot of money!
MaryAnn Donahue More than 1 year ago
"lose a lot of money!"
Pat More than 1 year ago
Bet first race horse does not even hit the board...