10/02/2012 1:47PM

Quarter Horse trainer Heath Reed banned for 21 years for medication violations


Heath Reed, a leading Quarter Horse trainer, has been suspended 21 years by the New Mexico Racing Commission because of four positives for the banned painkiller dermorphin and two positives for the anabolic steroid stanozolol.

Reed is the latest in a long line of trainers to be handed lengthy suspensions for positives for dermophin, an opioid derived from a substance secreted by some species of South American tree frogs that began showing up in post-race tests for Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds this summer in several racing jurisdictions. Many of the New Mexico horses tested positive after winning trials for the $600,000 Ruidoso Futurity.

At the same time that it issued the 21-year ban to Reed, the New Mexico commission also banned another Quarter Horse trainer, Carlos Sedillo, for 10 years after two of his horses tested positive for the drug after winning trials.

Late in September, the commission also issued a 10-year ban to Quarter Horse trainer John Bassett for two dermorphin positives.

John Smith More than 1 year ago
So if a horse named "Juiced" shows up in the rainbow futurity with Jose Canseco aboard, i should bet on him???? These trainers need to hire the lawyer that got Roger Clemens off. We all know he was innocent. lmao
mikey More than 1 year ago
No problem he can move to N.Y. change his name to Dutrow, get a lawyer and train forever.Only N.Y. can take so long to send him to the bench.Maybe if they wait till he make's a lot more $$$$$$ he will retire.
Frank Kulcsar More than 1 year ago
should have been for life
Five More than 1 year ago
When will....Drug O. Dick D, J Mullins, B Baffert, R Rodriques, J Ness, et al get their 21 years.
John Bradley More than 1 year ago
What's the difference between quarter horse racing and dog racing? All over in seconds, and you can't win without a clean break. Drugs won't do you much good if the horse next door slams into you when the gate opens. Advice: Put $2 in the palm of your hand. Handicap the race. Don't bet it! Watch the race. Look down to the palm of your hand. The $2 should still be there. Continue this until there are no more races to bet. When you leave the track, wave your money around and brag to other people how well you did.
Mike Martino More than 1 year ago
Your right . It's fun racing them for speed but if everything dosent go perfect out of the gates the race is over.
Jack More than 1 year ago
Another DRUG headline. After playing Horses for the PAST 50 years I'm DONE. When people ask me is Horse Racing RIGGED? I say No, but it MIGHT as well be. Black EYE after Black EYE Plagues this ONCE great SPORT, No more.And the game is all but OVER. If Management HOOKED a Lie detector up to EACH Trainer and asked them, Did you EVER give your Horses anything that would ENHANCE Their Performance, Like a 'LITTLE JUICE" or as they say on the Backstretch a "LITTLE HELP" There would be ONLY a Small handful of Trainer's in Business.. That is what YOUR betting into, and it should come to a SCREECHING HALT...
PeterG More than 1 year ago
It's about time they start getting really tough on these cheating trainers. Maybe this will send a message. People spend hours studying past performances and that time is a total waste of time when there is a drugged horse in the race. Ban them for life. They are stealing money out of the pockets of the fans of this sport.
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
then there are some who post that these drugs dont really improve a horses performance,which begs the question why are trainers risking these long suspensions by using these drugs?,and why are the trainers caught using them always a top trainer having a bannner season?.its time the racing form and other racing publications stop being apologists for the crowd that is fighting against tougher testing and rules.and yes its not just the trainers that are making out like bandids the jockeys are out there making a mockery of the game.now go on and post some crap about how honest thouroughbred racing is and how this only happens in quarter horse racing.wake up already.
Robert Smith More than 1 year ago
I race in fl. I am tired of trainers getting off for positives and keep training. Just switch into your asst. And keep going. What a shame
Robert Smith More than 1 year ago
The thoroughbred industry needs to do the same thing