10/11/2010 11:24AM

Quarter Horse panel to speak at Turf Paradise


The Q-Racing Aces, a group of Quarter Horse racing experts formed by the American Quarter Horse Association to promote and educate the racing public on the Quarter Horse game, will be on hand at Turf Paradise this weekend, Oct. 16-17. Their visit coincides with three Quarter Horse stakes to be run at the Phoenix track Sunday.

They will hold a free handicapping seminar Saturday at 11 a.m. in the grandstand and will give away $2 vouchers to those attending.

The Q-Racing Aces are individuals who have been involved in American Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred racing as handicappers, racing writers, and publicists. The group, consisting of Martha Claussen, Tom Dawson, Jenn Perkins, Denis Blake and others were selected as representatives by AQHA.

The major goals of the Q-Racing Aces program are to promote the sport, provide fan-education services, and help to develop new fan bases. Members have visited numerous racetracks around the country. Claussen and Perkins will be conducting the Turf Paradise event.