01/02/2006 12:00AM

Quarantined horses can train


Many of the racehorses quarantined in a Turfway Park barn that has shown evidence of the equine herpes virus were scheduled to resume training Tuesday during segregated training hours, Turfway Park president Bob Elliston said.

All but five horses that are still exhibiting the virus in blood and nasal swab tests will be permitted to resume training, track and state officials said. Additionally, another barn - one stabling seven ponies used by outriders - has been quarantined after one of the ponies there tested positive for the virus, Elliston said.

Dr. Robert Stout, state veterinarian for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, said the number of horses testing positive was down from when the initial round of tests were examined. At that time early last week, more than 10 horses were suspected of having the virus in their blood.

Two horses have exhibited clinical symptoms of the equine herpes virus. The initial horse discovered with the virus, Coupe Aux Marrons, was euthanized. Another was briefly hospitalized last week but quickly recovered, Stout said.

Elliston said the horses that tested negative in the quarantined stable will be permitted to train from 10 to 11 a.m. daily, beginning a half-hour after training hours for the general horse population has ended. He said he is uncertain when the quarantine might end.

Meanwhile, all horses shipping onto New York Racing Association properties from Kentucky will be required to be accompanied with a 48-hour veterinary certificate, the Thoroughbred Times reported. Horses were previously allowed entry onto NYRA properties with a five-day certificate.