03/18/2014 2:05PM

Quarantine lifted at Parx Racing


The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has lifted a quarantine on two barns at Parx Racing in Bensalem, Pa., according to a spokeswoman for the department.

The department lifted the quarantine after tests on 74 horses in the barns were negative for equine herpesvirus, a highly contagious disease that has disrupted racing and training at Parx all winter. The horses in the barns were exposed to the virus three weeks ago by a filly who showed signs of the disease before being removed to a private farm.

The filly has recovered, according to Samantha Krepps, the department spokeswoman.

The quarantine prevented any of the horses in the two barns from racing or training. In addition, no horses were allowed near the two quarantined barns.

Parx operated under a quarantine throughout most of November, December, and part of January after another equine herpesvirus scare. That quarantine order was lifted after the horses that showed signs of the disease tested negative.