10/21/2009 11:00PM

Q&A: Scott Chaney


CHRB steward who will be one of three stewards for this year's Breeders' Cup.

Birthdate: June 8, 1972, in Baltimore, Md.

Family: Single

Got into racing because . . .: "I enjoyed going to the races with my father and grandfather while growing up in Maryland."

Childhood dream: "To be an Olympic swimmer."

People you most admire: "My parents and Barack Obama."

First job: "Lifeguard at a country club."

First job in racing: "Hotwalking for trainer Darrell Vienna. After I graduated from Dartmouth, I came to California to go to law school at USC. The summer of 1995, after my first year of law school, I got a job with Darrell. I graduated from law school in 1997."

Best horse you were around while working for Vienna: "Suances. He didn't get to prove it so much in the United States, but he was very talented. I'm glad he's doing so well as a sire."

How did you become a steward? "Darrell talked me into taking the test in California. We were pretty low on horses at the time. We both took it, and we both passed. And they offered me a job. I didn't really expect to be offered a position. I took it, probably for a lifestyle change from working seven days a week, having to be up at 4:30 in the morning. I enjoy the legal aspects of being a steward."

Favorite thing to do outside racing: "Compete in triathlons. I did my first Ironman this past June in Idaho. I was a collegiate swimmer at Dartmouth, and then I got into running marathons after law school. I thought for my joints it would be a good thing not to run so much, so I took up bike riding."

Favorite TV show: "'The West Wing.' I dig the whole behind-the-scenes political stuff, the strategy. It's very cool."

Favorite musician: "Bruce Springsteen. He's great in concert and on his CDs. I like his message. I've only seen him twice."

Is it nerve-racking being a steward for Breeders' Cup races? "Yes. The proper answer is that it's just like every other race, but let's be honest - a lot of money is on the line, and a lot more people are watching. But at the end of the day, we adjudicate the same way we would for place in a $10,000 claimer on a Wednesday afternoon."

Future ambitions: "I'd like to train. I miss the hands-on horse aspect. And to run for public office."