02/04/2010 1:00AM

Q&A: Frank Mirahmadi

Vassar Photography

TVG personality and racecaller known for his array of impressions, including Trevor Denman and Marv Albert

Birthdate: Oct. 20, 1967, in Los Angeles, Calif.

Family: Single

Got into racing because . . .: "It was my favorite sport growing up, and I was instantly fascinated with the announcers. Three of the all-time greats - Trevor Denman, Harry Henson, and Dave Johnson - were calling the races here in Southern California, so we were spoiled with great voices."

Childhood dream: "I wanted to be a doctor."

Person you most admired: "My mom, without a doubt, for putting up with me, my late father, and my brother. What a trifecta she got!"

First job: "Delivering the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, which had a great racing section."

Best horse seen: "In person, the most brilliant would be Spectacular Bid."

Greatest career moment: "Calling two races at All-Star Announcer's Day when the Breeders' Cup was at Churchill Downs in 2000. I called the finale in the voices of all the announcers who called that day. Luke Kruytbosch made that happen."

Embarrassing moment: "Opening day at Hialeah in 1996, my first full-time job. I was very washy. I called Mugs Mugs Mugs, a big longshot, taking over and drawing away late. As they came past the sixteenth pole, I realized it was Prize of Gold, one of the favorites. The next race, management asked me to do an impression of Trevor Denman. It was like a pitcher on the mound hearing the catchers' gloves in the bullpen as replacements were warming up."

Favorite food: "Bottega Louie in downtown Los Angeles is my new favorite restaurant. Their pizza is excellent, and the pomodoro sauce is second to none. I eat plain cheese pizza a minimum of six days a week, and my favorite slice is the sicilian from Valentino's in Manhattan Beach."

Favorite ice cream: "Chocolate chip. An easy winner."

Favorite movies: "Three-way photo between 'Goodfellas,' 'The Godfather,' and the version of 'Heaven Can Wait' with Warren Beatty."

Favorite music: "A wide variety that includes Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, KISS, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi, Bob Seger, Sting, and Lionel Richie."

Last book read: " 'Quiet Strength' by Tony Dungy."

Ambition: "Calling races at Santa Anita has always been my dream, but I'm living a dream just by being able to work at TVG and call races on the Northern California fair circuit. Trevor's brilliance inspired me to call races, and I hope he is calling at Santa Anita and Del Mar for a long, long time. I'd rather hear Trevor call a race than call a race myself anywhere. Seems like that would be an exaggeration, but it's not."