05/21/2013 2:49PM

Preakness TV rating up 13 percent

Barbara D. Livingston
The victory by Oxbow and Gary Stevens in Preakness was seen by a television audience of 9.7 million.

The race portion of the Preakness Stakes broadcast on NBC-TV on Saturday drew a 5.9 rating, according to NBC, up 13 percent over the rating for the race portion of the broadcast last year and the highest rating since 2009.

NBC said that the rating translated into 9.7 million viewers. The race portion of the broadcast, from 5:50 p.m. Eastern to 6:39, had a 14 share this year, compared to a 13 last year, NBC said, up 7.7 percent.

Share measures the percentage of televisions in use at the time that are tuned to a broadcast.

The 5.9 rating was the fourth highest since 1990, NBC said. The highest since that time was set in 2009, when the filly Rachel Alexandra won the race.

The rating for the race portion of the Kentucky Derby broadcast two weeks before the Preakness was up 8 percent, tying for the second highest since 1990. That broadcast had 16.2 million viewers, according to NBC.

zerosumzen More than 1 year ago
The Beadle effect. With a D. Not to be confused with Lennon's 'Beatle with an A'. Higher ratings are good for the entire industry. They can translate into more televised races. There is no real reason why horse racing couldn't be one of the big sports in America again. It may take a while yet, but some of the big sports are starting to blow it. The NBA is now widely regarded as a fixed league, with markets dictating the foul distribution during a game. As a rule of thumb: any league that imposes huge fines on coaches or players who criticize the refereeing has some sort of corporate facade to uphold. If I'm not mistaken the corporate arrogance is starting to spill over to other leagues. So don't give up on horse racing. During the radio era the three big sports where baseball, boxing, and horse racing. Yes, horse racing missed the transition to television, and other sports jumped in. Those sports did very well for a while, but the race ain't over and some are starting to tire. Time is on our side. Horse racing has been around forever. There was no basketball or baseball in the Roman Empire, was there? Those are cultural expressions. Horse racing is beyond culture. If there is one sport that could unite the world, other than soccer, it is horse racing. Ok. That was a good coffee.
hialeah More than 1 year ago
Wouldn't that be Lennon's 'Beatle with a T"? Not to be confused with beetle with two E's. The Cicada Effect - this too will pass.
zerosumzen More than 1 year ago
scary animals.... *shiver*