05/18/2013 7:16PM

Preakness Stakes winners for D. Wayne Lukas, Gary Stevens, and Calumet Farm


D. Wayne Lukas has won the Preakness six times:
Oxbow, 2013
Charismatic, 1999
Timber Country, 1995
Tabasco Cat, 1994
Tank’s Prospect, 1985
Codex, 1980

Jockey Gary Stevens, has won the Preakness three times:
Oxbow, 2013
Point Given, 2001
Silver Charm, 1997

Calumet Farm has won the Preakness wins eight times. They bred all of the winners but Oxbow:
Oxbow, 2013  (First for Calumet Farm operation of Brad Kelley)
Forward Pass, 1968
Tim Tam, 1958
Fabius, 1956
Citation, 1948
Faultless, 1947
Pensive, 1944
Whirlaway, 1941

nancyb More than 1 year ago
They bought the name Calumet. Period. No relation to the Markeys. Or even the Calumet bloodlines.
Mary Hansen More than 1 year ago
Sorry to see Orb lose. I was hoping he be a legit triple crown contender. I am very happy to see Gary Stevens win and to see Calumet back in the game is priceless. Even though Orb is not a Calumet bred it is great to see a icon back in the game. Let us hope it is new beginning for them.
Cover2 More than 1 year ago
Calling 'em this am as the SUNSHINE BOYS........ agree w/ plumber, Orb breezes in Bel Stakes, don't think Luke will run Ox at Bel, 1&3/16 as far as wants to go
Cover2 More than 1 year ago
I guessed it was Tim Tam '58, now some ques about Krigger/O'neill, can't pick up an almost 49 half, on speed favor ? Keep change tactics ? ect. Its time to go ta Mike Smith, take him right otta there, like Baffert replace Chantel, game on dude
Advance Plumbing More than 1 year ago
Poor Orb had no shot from the start , let alone getting teamed up on. Looked like a nascar race at daytona, hung out to dry. No where to go, if he would of dropped back to dead last and tried to circle he still wouldnt of won. They'll run him in the Belmont and he'll win.
Advance Plumbing More than 1 year ago
Brad Kelly is turning that barn around, keep them on the radar.
steve szymanski More than 1 year ago
The expert/ Knows nohitng. Loudmouth. I've been called it all here, but alas, I have won again. Governor Charlie: TOSS Departing: TOSS Titletown Five: TOSS..They ran last/next to last and 6th. The scenario of the racset up for ORB or OXBOW. No more, no less. PACE and Beyer figs used the right way win races. Classless horses do not. ps....Here come the "fast" Governor Charlie no!!! LOL $80 dd with the PimSpecial and $3 super. Not bragging............. Just trying to ed-ju-ma-cate some of you. Let's all get that Preakness money back that was throw away. Take a shot with GALLANT BREEZE in the 3rd at Belmont to beat th 1/2 shot. Should get a nice set-up.
Ben van den Brink More than 1 year ago
Gary Stevens stole the race, and all others let him do that. No problems with that.
John Bradley More than 1 year ago
That's why he is a hall of fame jockey, he had the presence of mind to know he was running slow fractions and was getting no pressure from the other entrants. I had Oxbow in the KD and got my clock cleaned. I stayed with him yesterday and cleaned up. Congrats to Gary, D. Wayne, and Calumet.
L.S. Heatherly More than 1 year ago
The SLOWEST Preakness since 1961 !!!! That was a Dishonest Pace and a Dishonest race! The jockeys and trainers should face some tough Questions! But the racing fans and racing media are sheep! How does the 2nd leg of the Triple crown come to be no more than a roll of a 9 horse roulette wheel !!! The congress, wall street, the super rich screw us; and now the jockeys and trainers at the Preakness screw us with a dishonest pace and race!!! L.S. Heatherly
myjockwon More than 1 year ago
your a real beauty
John T Liu More than 1 year ago
That's one way of looking at the 2013 Preakness. I saw it as one hall of fame jockey doing what he does best in the big races; using his head, in this case, getting a comfortable lead, being completely aware of the clock (unlike a lot of the other jocks), and stealing the race. I remember a Breeders Cup race a few years ago, where Gary was able to completely control a slow pace, and nurse One Dreamer to victory. I'd agree with the dishonest pace part. But that's attributable to one smart, experienced, hall of fame jockey able to take advantage of it, and 8 other jocks who let him get away with it.
Jewel Green More than 1 year ago
Gary Stevens is a legend. To come back after 7 years and win a classic race. He is a true Hall Of Famer and what drive to do so. Look at him work horses a true pro. Lukas is the first one at the barn also a legend and truly good guy