05/16/2013 2:49PM

Preakness Stakes: Orb's rail draw hardly kiss of death


BALTIMORE - While it is certainly noteworthy that only one horse has won the Preakness from the rail since 1961 – Tabasco Cat in the 1994 – the rail draw shouldn’t scare supporters of Orb to the nearest bridge.

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Since Bally Ache won the 1960 Preakness from the rail as the 8-5 second choice, only nine horses that drew the rail in the last 52 runnings of the Preakness were sent off odds of 9-2 or shorter. Among the more noteworthy rail losers were Top Knight (2nd at 5-2 in 1969), Sham (2nd at 3-1 in 1973), and Bet Twice (2nd at 9-2 in 1987).

While trainer Shug McGaughey said that the rail wouldn’t have been his first choice, he said Thursday “that won’t be the reason” if Orb loses.

Cole Putzier More than 1 year ago
The rail post should scare everyone off Orb. He has no chance, and you should not bet him. seriously, none of you should bet Orb to win. Its an impossible post position, he will be trapped and will not hit the board. Do not, I repeat, do NOT bet Orb. I am begging you, don't bet on Orb, because he has no chance from the one hole. It is for sentimental reasons only that I am going to bet the farm on Orb, but you shouldn't.
Mike Lee More than 1 year ago
Dave Grening,you obviously didn't see the 1994 Preakness,Although Tabasco Cat bore the #1 saddle cloth,he was part of an entry and did not break from the rail...love Orb,but don't you think it raises some questions that only one horse actually since 1951 has won breaking from the rail???...before you write a story,get your facts straight!
hjeg13 More than 1 year ago
He did broke from the rail. What are you talking about? He wore the #2, not #1, and he was not in an entry! Concern and Looming were 1 and 1A and they broke from pp #3 and #9 respectively.
Rebecca N More than 1 year ago
They said that the Titanic was unsinkable. They say that Orb is unbeatable. They also said that Barbaro was unbeatable. He probably was, but he was a bad bet.
rvraynmary More than 1 year ago
orb won't lose. bet on it.