05/18/2013 9:44AM

Preakness Stakes: Live updates from Pimlico

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To all those 9+ people that gave me the thumbs down when I said ORB might win the Preakness but not the triple crown because of how he was given the win in the kentucky derby--------- I give u a middle finger salute.
tim yu More than 1 year ago
I love the way Rosario says ORB wasn't himself today. It is very clear the horse doesn't like getting boxed in on the rail. Orb closed well after he no chance of winning in the lane to get third once he got in the clear. All these people calling Rosario the greatest since the "Shoe", these jocks are only as good as their last ride, and today Rosario blew it, it his fault the horse performed so poorly by not getting ORB to the outside the first time he went under the wire. Just like on Turf at Gulfstream when he botched the ride on Animal Kingdom and got him beat, yeah I have seen Rosario ride great in other races, but he just struck out with base loaded in the bottom of the 9th today.
Lenny Mamola More than 1 year ago
Sorry disagree .... I am blaming Pimlico for how they prepared the track for such a big race .......................... a Mile in just under 1:40 ??? 6 furlongs just under 1:14: ??....It was just a matter of which horse would like this surface nothing to do with class factor.......My god,,, Orb just worked 47 and change when the track was playing fair....and he picked up the champion 3 year old Shanghai Bobby before...Really disapointed ...................Happy for Stevens...but he did not steal the race...he was on the horse that liked the track
Brad Solomon More than 1 year ago
Normandy Invasion woulda won
JAHMAN More than 1 year ago
Slow race sad but on to next year for the crown
Lindsay Lyon More than 1 year ago
Had a win bet on Oxbow on a hunch. Never been sadder to see a 15-1 shot coming home for me, but kudos to a classy colt.
Edward More than 1 year ago
Are any of these jockeys professional or what? That was disgraceful. For two days, there has been a ridiculous bias on the turf for runners on or near the lead by the rail and YET they all let Sjkyring gallop along at asnails pace in the heart of the bias. Come on guiys, try doing your homework. Disgusting to call this a racetrack witha bias this pronounced. Jocks should hang their heads in shame for letting it happen over and over.
Edward More than 1 year ago
Repeat for the Preakness. As jockey, you know you gave a terrible ride when the winner is literally LAUGHING AT YOU FOR LETTING HIM WALK THE DOG ON A SPEED BIASED TRACK!!!!!!!! As Stevens said through the laughs, the"race was over at the halfway mark" once all of these amateur jocks let me have it all on my own. Did you see how al of the horses looked running down the lane? Was that Quicksand? This track should be shut down and re-done so we can see a fair horse race.
Douglas More than 1 year ago
Chad Brown CONGRATS once again in a big race here at Pimlico ! You was right on the money again about PIANIST being razor sharp . I had already played $100 Win / $200 Place on your 3 : then Jarrod Horaks from HRN thought this race was the play of the day with the 1 HARD NOT TO LIKE : So I went to put some nice Straight Trifectas with your 3 with 1 ! What a nice huge score when I was not even thinking of playing a TRI - SUP due to the Overwhelming favorite that Ibelieved went off at 7 . 5 or 6 . 5 something like that . A G A I N "Chad" CONGRATS and Thanks for your input : and for Jarrod : AWSOME CALL
Mooch J More than 1 year ago
Orb has been the beneficiary of a race flow and/or track bias in last three races. I have a lot of handicapping factors but I rarely play against either the pace flow or the track bias, simply because most ignore it resulting in getting too short of price on a horse that is going to run against the grain, they are up against it a underlay odds and are a bad play. I like a horse that is coming out of a race running against the grain not with it. I had Orb when he won both the Fountain of Youth and the Fla Derby, in both he was getting a flow/bias set-up, I had him for second in the Ky Derby because I went against my best judgement and bet speed in a race loaded with it (just on a token bet). But here Orb is again in a race with both the track favoring late runners and a lots of speed in the Preakness. Along with this plus the good ones ducking Orb he must be the luckiest horse in the land. I won't bet him today but I won't try and beat him, instead I will hope he wins then when the Belmont rolls around if the track is fair and and it is not speed filled that will be the time to beat Orb, at 1-9.
Robert Johnson More than 1 year ago
May I suggest hitting the slot machines. They always have the perfect flow/bias. I'm really curious as to who you had 1st in the Derby, just a token bet of course, not like how you laid it in heavy on Orb prior to Derby. lol
Edward More than 1 year ago
I don't know what Pace Flow chart you use but the reason Orb was the Pick in the Derby is precisely because he won his [previous races as a mid-pck closer into very slow paced races(against the best race flow for his style). You may want to check those charts buddy.
Gunner More than 1 year ago
That "race flow" in the Derby was your money going into my pocket - haha
Mooch J More than 1 year ago
You guys must be once a year race fans, you're sure not handicappers. Guess in all the Preakness Hype you must of missed the $50 winner who was the only speed on a rail that was playing fast all week, race flow and pace advantage at $50 which I hit and you missed being too busy commenting insults instead of learning something and hitting a nice price winner.
Mooch J More than 1 year ago
How much money of yours flowed back into that phony odds-on stiff Gunner ??
Scott More than 1 year ago
Track is deep and slow Preakness should be run around 1;58
Mooch J More than 1 year ago
It's been playing that way, last year the rail was a death trap for the Preakness, right where Bode was at. I loved the Tri cold that had Bode on top before the race but once I saw how the track was playing I flopped Bode and I'll Have another and my adjustment hit the Tri. There was no telling anyone that the dead rail helped IHA but I still think that if Smith would of floated Bode out in the stretch there would be a different result. You always have to adjust due to track bias, play against it and it will eat you up
Edward More than 1 year ago
You are a tool. "your adjustment" hahaha. IHA was the best horse before and after your adjustment, doosher.
Danny C More than 1 year ago
why is Rosario off of some of his mounts after the first race?
Mooch J More than 1 year ago
The ruling used to be once you rode you couldn't take off and come back to ride later races. Of course I have lately seen two horses in the same race that had the same owner and trainer and wasn't a coupled entry.
David N More than 1 year ago
Rosario overbooked his mounts for the day. He doesn't want to ride all those races so he's off them.