05/19/2011 5:40PM

Preakness Stakes 2011 handicapping chat


Highlights from Friday's Preakness Stakes 2011 chat with DRF handicappers Dan Illman, Mike Beer and Marcus Hersh. Their top 3 picks for the Preakness are in bold below:

Dan Illman Like Midnight Interlude to improve a bit. Can't throw him out. Don't think Flashpoint will stay the trip.

Mike Beer I don't care who rides MidniteInterlude, don't like him this time

Mike Beer i'd be shocked if Flashpoint was around at the end

Mike Beer Shackleford had a perfect front-runner trip in the derby & couldn't get there - more pace against him this time

Dan Illman Liked Midnight Interlude's Santa Anita Derby. Wide all the way around the track in first start against winners. Feel Derby too bad to be true

Mike Beer Top 3: Sway away, Dance City, Animal Kingdom

Dan Illman My picks: Animal Kingdom, Mucho Macho Man, Shackleford

Mike Beer not convinved SwayAway wants distance, but he ran big in ArkDerby, have to give him one more

Marcus Hersh Picks: Animal Kingdom, Mucho Macho Man, Dialed In, Dance City

Mike Beer what makes anyone think Mucho Macho Man can turn the tables on Animal Kingdom tomorrow? playing Animal Kingdom not to reproduce?

Marcus Hersh Dan - pace threat might be the ticket right now. Main track is sllloowww, front-runners doing well.

Mike Beer Will Dance City really be a longshot? - feels buzzy to me...

Mike Beer i think Dance City will go shorter than SwayAway - but i'm awful at predicting these things...

Dan Illman Concealed Identity the only Maryland-bred in Preakness. Likes track. Has one eye.

Dan Illman New shooters in Preakness don't knock my socks off. Sticking with Derby horses. Animal Kingdom pounded them in Derby.

Mike Beer i'm on board w/the ArkDerby horses - espescially since the 3rd/4th finishers were best & run in the Preak

Dan Illman Don't see what the big deal is with Dialed In.

Dan Illman Literally. One eye.

Dan Illman Think Pimlico track bias is way overrated.

Mike Beer would never bet Dailed In - if you like Animal Kingdom, try to hook him up - Picks, etc

Mike Beer don't know (nor care) who the riders are - in any race

Dan Illman Maybe Mr. Commons improves after throat surgery.

Mike Beer isn't MrCommons a turf horse?

Dan Illman Beer, you think everyone is a turf horse.

Mike Beer it's a weak crop as afar as distance-racing goes, but there are some fast ones out there. 3 year-old sprints could be interesting

Dan Illman Think shackleford has to sit off Flashpoint.

Mike Beer Shackleford can't have as easy a time on the lead tomorrow - tough to make him

Mike Beer why does anyone think the Derby also-rans are playable? Animal Kingdom just won't show? he drilled them at Churchill Downs

Mike Beer Shak never won (or run even reasonably well) from off the pace...

Mike Beer Odds: Dialed In currently 5/2, Animal Kingdom 7/2

Mike Beer best closer is Animal Kingdom

Mike Beer SwayAway may be best sprinting...hoping GoGo can get him to settle & time it right

Dan Illman 4 tosses - Isn't He Perfect, Flashpoint, Concealed Identity, Norman Asbjornson. Now, box 'em.

Mike Beer auto toss: NormAsbjornson, Isnt he perfect, Concealed Identity, Flashpoint

Dan Illman In other Preakness stakes races, how about China in Maryland Sprint, Desert Sage in Gallorette?

Mike Beer like No Explaining too

Dan Illman Nope, thinking he goes in Schaefer on dry track.

Mike Beer King Congie has already run on dirt - and not well

Mike Beer Flashpoint is very fast - distance a gigantic question & his Fla Derby was not good

Mike Beer Distance in not a question for Animal Kingdom just needs to reproduce last. will he?

Mike Beer Dialed In ran last 1/2 under 47, first 7f in 1:30 at Kentucky Derby...?

Dan Illman Listen, a one-run closer like Dialed In always needs pace and race luck. He'll get pace. Will he get trip?

Mike Beer Mucho Macho Man has done nothing wrong, but when has he shown that he's really good?

Dan Illman It wouldn't surprise me if Midnight Interlude improves enough. Likes his SA Derby. Not good in Kentucky. Too early to give up on him

Mike Beer didnt Sway Away run better than Dance City in AkDerby? both ran well but Santa Anita had terrible trip

Mike Beer Using Sway Away & Dance City on all tix

Mike Beer everyone forgetting about Flashpoint? he's the pace...

Mike Beer Flashpoint broke outward in the FlaDerby & they tried to rate - won't be the case tomorrow

Marcus Hersh Of note to me is the PIM track surface. While wet Thursday it was playing very slow. Dry today, but quite slow again.

Marcus Hersh Some trainers talk up their stock. Others talk them down. Motion seems quietly confident.

Marcus Hersh I don't know that slow PIM favors anyone. But slow tracks can be weird. Tuff to figure.

Marcus Hersh Dan Illman - by interesting pace in upcoming race 9, you're seeing fall-apart? Too much speed?

Marcus Hersh Not an Astrology fan.

Marcus Hersh And can't see King Congie.

Marcus Hersh Animal Kingdom is so much more than a turf horse, IMO

Marcus Hersh Where did Mucho Macho Man get stopped in Derby enough to make up distance on Animal Kingdom?

Marcus Hersh I don't like Sway Away, but i do like the move to Gomez

Marcus Hersh I like Mucho Macho Man and respect Mucho Macho Man. Realize he's a late foal. But to me, he's exposed by now.

Marcus Hersh Midnight Interlude spent the winter in SoCal. Want nothing from there this year.

Marcus Hersh Dance City did really well hanging around after hot OP pace. Mental issues?

Marcus Hersh Wow - strange, strange track at PIM right now.

Marcus Hersh Nehro is waiting for the Belmont

Mike Beer Nehro waiting for Belmont - he can hang in that race, as well...

Marcus Hersh Mike Beer - Nehro does have a habit of doing his best running during the gallop out.

Marcus Hersh Has anyone seen odds on Animal Kingdom to win the Triple Crown?

Mike Beer Marcus - Animal Kingdom 6/1 to win Triple Crown, i believe

Marcus Hersh 6-1 on Triple Crown bid I would not take. I think he can do it, but need twice that price.

Marcus Hersh Don't need to be a super horse. Just better than the others, and to stay the trip. Both possible.

Marcus Hersh Belmont easier than Preakness for Animal Kingdom? By a hair? Tough one.

Marcus Hersh More speed means a horse like Dialed In could do much better this time.

Mike Beer Have bad feeling Royal Delta will be very short price...we'll see. I'm against Wyomia, win or lose...

Dan Illman Don't love King Congie on dirt. Had two poor prior runs on it, albeit against good competition.

Marcus Hersh RE King Congie: Strangely, the best horses by Bade of Silver seem better on grass.

Dan Illman Animal Kingdom didn't have dirt form. That makes him different than poor dirt form King Congie.

Mike Beer Marcus Hersh liked Animal Kingdom on dirt - had him on top in Derby

Marcus Hersh Here's the thing about Animal Kingdom's first dirt: Big part of problem with that is the kickback. But Turfway Poly kickback is huge

Marcus Hersh Animal Kingdom continued. . . So Animal Kingdom already had dealt with kickback in Spiral. That's why he dropped to last.

Marcus Hersh Wide draw for Mr. Commons no good, no good at all. Even if he was good enough

Marcus Hersh Have you watched races at Turfway Park? It's a storm of kickback. A storm.

Marcus Hersh If you all have a chance, go back and watch Animal Kingdom replays. He has done little wrong.

Marcus Hersh Wyomia a little dead on board for Miss Preakness? I'm hesistant to dive in too deep with this funky surface.

Marcus Hersh Animal Kingdom's price is unappealing. I will try to make things more interesting singling in the pick 4 and pick 3.

Marcus Hersh With Flashpoint in the race, Shackleford may be the stalker

Mike Beer Pace almost has to be stronger than it was in Derby...don't know if that helps Dialed In enough...

Marcus Hersh There's hype for Astrology? I missed it.

Marcus Hersh Hearing dry track for Preakness

Marcus Hersh Dance City would be my top horses who should be double-digit odds

Marcus Hersh Have a sneaking thought that skepticism could lead to 3-1 on Animal Kingdom. Hoping, at least.

Marcus Hersh Flashpoint is a very talented horse who probably will prove better around one turn.