07/05/2005 12:00AM

Prairie Meadows handle drops


Prairie Meadows ended its 47-day Thoroughbred meeting Monday with across-the-board declines in handle.

Total handle averaged $512,136 per day this year, compared with $711,528 at the corresponding 49-day meeting in 2004, a decrease of 28 percent. Ontrack handle averaged $77,768, down 2.5 percent from 2004.

The decreases were caused in large part by a scheduling change in which the track dropped Monday afternoons in favor of Thursday evenings in an effort to increase ontrack attendance. The track, which also houses a casino, does not charge admission or release attendance figures.

Tim Doocy won his second straight riding title by a 62-56 margin over Alex Birzer. Dick Clark easily captured the training title by a 52-31 margin over Larry Jones, who won with over 30 percent of his starters.

Prairie Meadows begins a 47-day mixed meeting on Friday.