08/14/2001 11:00PM

Prairie Meadows


ALTOONA, Iowa - Veterinarian Todd Roseberry continues to practice on the backstretch of Prairie Meadows after receiving a stay regarding the board of stewards ruling that revokes his Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission license.

Following an Aug. 4 hearing, the stewards found Roseberry in violation of several rules, including hiring unlicensed help; failure to submit daily reports; omitting information and turning in inaccurate information on his official reports of veterinary treatments to the state veterinarian's office; and administering prohibited race-day medication.

Neither Roseberry nor his attorney, local horse owner Maggi Moss, was present at the hearing. The new hearing is scheduled for Aug. 24. Rather than reading evidence from the first hearing into the record, all evidence will be reintroduced, according to the stewards. Roseberry will also have a chance to present evidence during the hearing. The stewards will then enter an amended ruling, according to the IRGC letter sent to Roseberry.

Roseberry was working here on a probationary license granted to him by the stewards on April 20. The probationary license cited "a history of various and serious rule violations at different racetracks from 1989 through 1994," as well as Roseberry's failure to disclose a 1993 suspension in Nebraska on his 2001 IRGC license application.