06/06/2005 11:00PM

Prairie barn quarantined


A barn at Prairie Meadows has been quarantined by Iowa state veterinarians pending the outcome of tests for the equine herpes virus in a horse stabled in the barn.

An unraced 3-year-old trained by Paul Pearson was taken from Prairie's Barn D-4 to Iowa State University on Monday evening and placed in isolation upon the advice of Pearson's veterinarian, Dr. Brad Brown. The horse was running a fever of 101.8 degrees on Monday, according to Pearson, and also displayed evidence of neurological distress.

Upon learning of the case, Prairie Meadows state vets

Dr. Keith Soring and Dr. Dave Radechel quarantined the barn pending the outcome of the testing.

The Iowa Department of Agriculture also placed shipping restrictions on the track Tuesday. Until further notice, no horse will be allowed to enter or leave the grounds.

Seven trainers have horses in Barn D-4, and three horses from the barn were ordered scratched from Tuesday's program.

Soring said that Canterbury Park in Minnesota will not accept horses who have last raced at Prairie Meadows pending the outcome of the tests.