06/26/2014 3:19PM

Police investigate Romans-'Indian Charlie' scuffle


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Stewards at Churchill Downs said they were awaiting police and security reports before deciding whether to schedule a hearing in regard to a fistfight that occurred Thursday morning in the stable area between Eclipse Award-winning trainer Dale Romans and Ed Musselman, publisher of the controversial Indian Charlie newsletter.

Romans and eyewitnesses said Musselman provoked the fight, which brought Louisville Metro Police to the stable area. Musselman was reported by various sources to have suffered a black eye and abrasions, while Romans said he was not seriously injured.

Musselman’s newsletter was banished from numerous tracks earlier this year after racist comments, leading to most of his advertisers abandoning him.

Romans often has been the subject of Musselman’s diatribes and has said repeatedly he could not understand why the attacks became so personal.

mike More than 1 year ago
Never liked Romans. He doesn't always put his horses first.
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
As a Dale Romans hater in the past, I have finally come to fee his is a good trainer. His work over the last 4 years is hard to not acknowledge as very good. I now always look at his runners as having a chance. He still "puts one over" from time to time to better his cash postion, Well good for him.
mike More than 1 year ago
So what are you saying Bruce? When using the term "puts one over" shouldn't the welfare of the horse trump anything else? Oh,that's right. eye roll
Bob More than 1 year ago
The guy publishes a tip sheet so why does anyone care what he thinks? Tip sheet peddlers are the equivalent of arm-chair quarterbacks...can't play the game so they spend their lives telling everyone else how to play it!
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
Fista cuffs at Delaware Park and now at Churchill? Wonder if there is something in the water east of the Rocklies? Trainers "don't drink the water!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Racing doesn't have enough problems without a Benny Hill sketch breaking out at every Eastern track?
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
This ALL stems from Romans criticisms of Maker being late to holding barn on Belmont day. Indian Charlie has been overly personal wirh his attacks on Dale. Varying from Dale's track debts to his personal appearance to off track business relating to horses in his care. True Dale has some alleged unsavory tactics but their are MUCH worse in this business. Why doesn't Indian Charlie personally attck THEM? Ramseys slow or no pay or his comments about Javier post BC race. Makers help at Spectrum and Palm Meadows being illegal. Maker NOT staking ANY but his assistant. Reasearch before you cast stones Charlie. Almost all of Lukas protege operate this way excluding those in NY.Charlie's personal attacks even drew Tammy into the fray from what I heard.
Chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Thomas, you'd do better under a horse than in the gossip business.
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
myjockwon More than 1 year ago
Very surprise that this hasn't happened before now. Indian Charlie makes some of his articles very personal with some people almost like he's jealous.