07/30/2014 11:58AM

Pocono: Horses to watch from July 23 - July 29


Wednesday, July 23

CORONA WITH LIME (NW4FM) brushed and crushed again leaving a lot in the tank for next win.

ELECTRIFY (CLMHCP15/20000) was victimized by a much the best winner and poor cover but rallied late to pick off a few foes despite rallying wide in the final turn from far back.

CHEERS AND BEERS (CLMHCP15/20000) sat on the rail to the final turn, tipped, followed wide and hit a good stride mid lane over the sloppy going.

BELIEVABLE (CLMHCP125/15000) was quick to the lead, yielded for the pocket, pulled as the lead was changing and rallied gamely to be second best.

Friday, July 25

MEADOWBRANCH JACK (NW4000) rallied gamely coming a long way uncovered as the two favorites battled to the wire.

SHADOWS DREAM (NW4000) tucked early, pulled, gained cover late in the turn, closed gamely at 18-1.

ARTSBRED CAMOTION (CLM7500) went down the road but was nipped on the wire by the favorite.

RUNAWAY TRAY (NW7000M) tucked early, pulled to the third panel, rallied gamely to the wire and just missed by two necks.

Saturday, July 26

EXIT CAM (NW175000) was parked uncovered and challenged a long way before tiring. A better trip should help his cause.

ST LADS HE MAN (CLM20/25000) left to the lead, broke, got parked for life, pressed the pace to the third panel and was toast. Staying flat has its benefits.

SUMMER CAMP (NW13500) put in an admirable down the road effort in quick mile but ran out of gas early stretch.

EMERALD EXPRESS (CLM1000) put in a terrific winning front end score in last and can step up in winning style.

Sunday, July 27

MR RIDGETAKER (NW5200) came wide and battled the last quarter with the winner to the wire and was second best in game effort.

CMON BUZZ OFF (CLMHCP7500/10000) tucked early, pulled to the half, challenged all the way, wore down the favored leader but was nailed by the alertly driven winner when the leader broke.

FORT KNOX (NW4) came uncovered in last but could not get to the winner. Beaten favorite gamed out second and should bring home the gold in next with some racing luck.

REAL CATCH (NW1) left, tucked, pulled as the speed settled, brushed to the lead, seat a good clip but could not last. Look for a better time move or a tighter effort in next race or two.

Tuesday, July 29

INNER PEACE (NW2) brushed early to the lead and went down the road, dug in gamely but could not stall the pocket sitter.

ROSE RUN HOOLIGAN (NW10000) was third over with good finish. Better cover or better post or lesser company or more interest. Take your pick, any of the above can get this one home.

LATE NIGHT JOKE (NW7000) looked alive finding an early tuck, sat to the final turn, tipped third over, came wide into the lane and was moving fastest of all at the wire. This one should be a price when he gets it done.

CANADIAN WILDCAT (NW135000) yielded, retook, battled a long way with the odds-on favorit, gutted it out but was proven second best both on the board and on the track.

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