08/11/2015 3:52PM

Pocono: Horses to watch from August 4 - August 9


Tuesday, August 4

NOTAGAIN (Mdn/2YOF) was hard used and parked long for the lead, put in a game effort but could not last. Beaten favorite can atone with better trip.

CELEBRITY ARTEMIS (NW3/3-4YOFM) wired the field and held with authority. Odds-on winner is eligible to take another.

GRATIAN HANOVER (NW2/3-4YO) put in a good front end effort in last only to get nailed on the wire. Speedy beaten favorite put up quick numbers and can not be ignored in next.

STONEBRIDGE IDOL (NW9000) left well to the lead, yielded for the pocket, got shuffled in the final turn, slipped out wide, rallied strong but late.

Wednesday, August 5

LOL HANOVER (NW2/2YOF) closed gamely to earn second to the odds-on winner.

LEAVEUMLADY (NW8500M) left to the lead, yielded and was shuffled, tipped in the final turn, closed strongly to nail second.

ONE BADLAND NITE (CLMHCP10/125000M) was buried to the lane, had a tight lane up the cones and rallied gamely to the wire.

DIVA LAS VEGAS (CLMHCP10/12500M) was parked the mile, challenged the mile and tired. Lukewarm favorite was victim of the trip and earns a chance at atonement.

Friday, August 7

STAR RECRUIT (CLMHCP5/7500) was parked for life, challenged forever and held with gameness while tiring.

TAILGUNNER HANOVER (NW2/2YO) brushed and crushed with strong pace and earns look for another score.

JOYEUX DREAM (NW3500) made a costly break before the gates opened, rallied strong and closed well but had lost his chance.

UPFRONTSTRIKESGOLD (NW3500) made a costly break in the early going, settled far back, rallied to the third panel, closed strongly but had too far to come.

ORLANDOS EXPRESS (NW3000) put in a long game uncovered challenge and held with determination to earn second splitting the two favorite at the wire.

PLAY IT AGAIN SAM (NW4500) brushed and crushed (both his foes and the variant) in last while winning for fun.

Saturday, August 8

OUREA NOURRIR (CLM10000) rallied well and closed late from far back and may need a bit of a drop or a live covered trip.

JUSTICE JET (NW22500) trailed, rallied late and should be along in time very soon.

SIX GUN (NW18000) was parked a long way, challenged hard and proved to be a game winner in last. 

ROCKING RAMBARAN (NW18000) was on the lead and battled tooth and nail from start to finish getting hounded by two separated challengers. All this at 15-1 and should take home top prized if given a chance to breathe during next race or two.

R GAUWITZ HANOVER (CLMHCP15/20000) was an absolute monster crushing last field and should continue to shine.

Sunday, August 9

CRAZY BEAUTIFUL (NW1FM) rolled along at her own pace and won for fun barely working up a sweat.

WHEELS (NW4500) was parked past the half to gain the lead, met pressure through the lane, tired but gutted it out to the last step. May have won it on gameness alone if he had saved a breath anywhere along the mile.

A REAL HOOSIER (NW3) kept coming through the lane gaining with every determined stride as the prohibitive favorite was death and taxes to hold the win.

ELOQUENT GRACE (PaSS) rallied inside following the winner up the rail but got in tight and had to take up twice in the late stages.

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