05/17/2013 6:31PM

Pimlico Special-Preakness daily double will pays


BALTIMORE - With 3-5 favorite Last Gunfighter taking Friday’s Grade 3, $300,000 Pimlico Special, here are the will pays for a $2 ticket in the Pimlico Special-Preakness double.

There was $694,983 wagered in the pool.

Last Gunfighter (No. 7) with:
1. Orb  $5.80
2. Goldencents $49.40
3. Titletown Five $344.40
4. Departing $55.20
5. Mylute $75.00
6. Oxbow $100.80
7. Will Take Charge $60.20
8. Govenor Charlie $60.20
9. Itsmyluckyday $45.40

michael stapler More than 1 year ago
$80 with Orb and Oxbow. Last minute deal. I should have factored them better.
Douglas More than 1 year ago
Thanks "Chad Brown" you kinda help me lean towards wagering more on the FRI / SAT D . D than I was going to . With the way the last 7 years have gone with the SOLID FAVORITE losing the Preakness when there is a field of 8 or 9 : YES : that kinda grabs your attention abit about the "RISK n REWARD" wager factor ! Since you were so high on GUNFIGHTER : I went with the D . D wager that was talked about earlier this week $200 D . D ( 7 - 2 ) ( 7 - 5 ) ( 7 - 7 ) . . . . . Yes : I am very much aware of ORB taking the Preakness by storm : but if History keeps on repeating its-self : then I totally love my chances all around FRI / SAT ! Thanks again for the input . You know how much I like NORMANDY INVASION : good luck thru-out his training
John T Breen More than 1 year ago
Should have played 7-9. Try a saver bet today
Douglas More than 1 year ago
I was very seriously thinkng along that line "earlier" in the week ! ITSMYLUCKYDAY was one of my colts that I was very high on thru-out the whole year . As of Monday May 13 : I was tossed between believing in what you see at the track / stable area . As of May 16 : I was 100% sure of tossing out OXBOW / GOVENOR CHARLIE . I actually was not liking the signs of habits of ITSMYLUCKYDAY over the last 48 hours : so I had to go with my Mind-Set and not my heart . That was my ONLY reason why I left that colt out of my D . D ......... I WILL NOT be banking on ITSMYLUCKYDAY as a back-up bet at all "as far as a WIN" ! I just believe too much into what I see - rather than hearing from the owner / trainer . It wont be long : and we will all find out that answer .
Douglas More than 1 year ago
ORB will probably beat me out of my D . D if anyone . That I am about 100% sure of IF 2 , 5 , 7 dont pull the WIN off . But - I will be playing very heavely with ORB 1st / 2nd with my D . D plays of 2 , 5 , 7 ! I am in a very good position at this time : BUT we all have seen this Time n Time again : Today : I am wearing my favorite GOOD LUCK CHARM SHIRT "coulda - woulda - shoulda - dida - nota" ha ha haaaaaaaaaa Hey : Baffert normally always wears his favorite Tie : so why not
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
great DD, betting sucks at PIM
James Bighorse More than 1 year ago
Will Take Charge might pay more to show than the double with Orb.
iknownothing114 More than 1 year ago
Got the cheap double for a buck easy money
Manuel More than 1 year ago
While Orb looks like a stand out, Take Charge was moving real good in the Derby and got stopped change to Pimlico might do it and don't forget Baffert's horse his fresh and loaded with speed
ted More than 1 year ago
keith More than 1 year ago
I like Departing...and Will Take Charge. How does that sound?????
Steve More than 1 year ago
Sounds like 2 horses that won't hit the board.
Perl More than 1 year ago
go for it bro! Don't let these chalk eaters scare you. Orb is tough though. But stand by your convictions.
OblivionSuckers More than 1 year ago
That's the exacta.
Gary Peacock More than 1 year ago
Why does Pimlico insist that the two day double be tied to the Pimlico Special? These special Spring affairs are centered around three-year olds. The Black Eye Susan (three horses getting play) a better race (more runners) too hang a double on instead of the "one horse race" connecting to the Preakness. A decent return with near $7 Fiftyshades. Idiotic.
Wayne Haehner More than 1 year ago
they are milking the Preakness for all they can--they should have a daily double with every Friday race with the Preakness--its really a no brainer on why they do it and I don't understand your view about the weekend being all about 3yos--the center of the universe does NOT revolve around 3yos--any track--any day-- NOT even Ky Derby Day
Perl More than 1 year ago
They don't play My Old Kentucky Home before The Woodford Reserve....FOOL.
Jim Tully More than 1 year ago
Way to practice common sense, Perl.
andy More than 1 year ago
I can't believe so many like Itsmyluckyday. He only had good performances on the speed-favoring Gulfstream and there are 4 other speed types he has to negotiate AND from the Far-Outside which means he will be wide for most of the trip! I just don't see it...