05/10/2004 11:00PM

Pimlico sets ad rules


Pimlico Race Course, the site of Saturday's Preakness Stakes, released rules on Tuesday that restrict jockey advertising at the track to a rider's breeches and turtlenecks and prohibit jockeys from making deals with companies in competition with the track.

During this year's Kentucky Derby, half of the riders in the field wore advertisements after a federal judge ruled that Kentucky regulators could not prohibit the practice.

Several jockeys wore advertising last year during the Preakness. Maryland racing rules, unlike those in Kentucky, do not prohibit advertising by jockeys, as long as the owner and trainer of the horse also approve.

The rules prohibit ads that "feature products or services which, in the Maryland Jockey Club's discretion, would be deleterious to the high quality, great tradition and image of Pimlico and its races." The rules gave examples that included bail bondsmen and "high-risk lending services." Advertising by companies that compete with any sponsors of the Triple Crown or Pimlico would also be prohibited.