05/18/2016 11:00AM

Pimlico offering guaranteed pick four, pick five, and Rainbow 6 pools


BALTIMORE – Pimlico will offer guaranteed pools on two pick fives, three pick fours, and the Rainbow 6 for both Black-Eyed Susan Day on Friday and the Preakness card Saturday.

The 50-cent pick fives are especially attractive because the takeout is only 12 percent, less than half that of the pick fours. The Rainbow 6 has a 20 percent takeout.

The Friday pick fives are offered on races 2-6 and 7-11. The early pool is being guaranteed to reach $100,000, and the late pick five pool is guaranteed to be a minimum of $300,000. The late pick five, which ends on the Black-Eyed Susan, handled $378,723 a year ago.

The pick four on races 3-6 has a $100,000 guarantee, the middle pick four on races 8-11 has a $300,000 guarantee, and the late wager on races 11-14 is worth $400,000. Last year, the late pick four handled $449,463.

On Saturday, pick fives will be available on races 2-6 and 9-13. The early pool is guaranteed at $250,000, and the late pool will be at least $1 million. A year ago, the pool for the late pick five reached $1,423,287.

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The Saturday picks fours will be on races 3-6, 6-9, and 10-13. The early pick four guarantee is $300,000, the middle wager has a $500,000 guarantee, and the late pool will be at least $2 million. In 2015, the late pick four pool grew to $2,433,241.

The Rainbow 6 on both Friday and Saturday is guaranteed to pay out $100,000 for a single winning ticket.