10/14/2009 11:00PM

Pick six: Selections for Oct. 16


Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

0-0(0)Chuck KuehhasRich Wroble

Quickly GoneQuickly GoneSky MarniUnusually HotQuickly Gone12
1Unusually HotUnusually HotNo Ka OiQuickly GoneUnusually Hot10
Sky MarniNo Ka OiUnusually HotNo Ka OiSky Marni6

One Hot TopperWarren's PricelessWarren's PricelessRoar's DancerWarren's Priceless15
2Warren's PricelessTop of the ListRoar's DancerDel Mar TruckeeRoar's Dancer7
DiploDel Mar TruckeeOne Hot TopperWarren's PricelessOne Hot Topper6

Raiding PartyRaiding PartySilent StalkSilent StalkRaiding Party15
3Silent StalkHigher IncentiveHigher IncentiveRaiding PartySilent Stalk12
Precious UnionPrecious UnionRaiding PartyPrecious UnionHigher Incentive4

Stevie's AfleetYou Can DreamMakit Till MidniteYou Can DreamYou Can Dream14
4You Can DreamPrincess SuancesYou Can DreamFlyinginformationStevie's Afleet7
FlyinginformationStevie's AfleetFlyinginformationStevie's AfleetMakit Till Midnite5

Glory ForeverGlory ForeverGlory ForeverKimmyvGlory Forever19
5KimmyvGo See CecieKimmyvGlory ForeverKimmyv9
Daniella RothStorm'n MarisaWarren's GrandslamWarren's GrandslamWarren's Grandslam2

SartorialNo DreamNo DreamNobletyNo Dream10
6Our PartnerOur PartnerSartorialOur PartnerSartorial8
NobletyKris SilverCavanalSartorialNoblety6

StunninglySpeedin ExcessSpeedin ExcessStunninglySpeedin Excess11
7Toro BonitoVia VenetoVia VenetoToro BonitoStunningly11
Dancing ErinToro BonitoStunninglySpeedin ExcessToro Bonito5

DeltamaxBarachoLouie TreGood GuyGood Guy10
8Louie TreCaptain CashGood GuyDeltamaxDeltamax8
Good GuyDeltamaxA Pint for MaryLouie TreLouie Tre8