10/09/2009 11:00PM

Pick six: Oak Tree selections for Oct. 10


Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

52-7(35)Chuck KuehhasRich Wroble

Indian FirewaterTime for AtonementIndian FirewaterIndian FirewaterIndian Firewater17
1PrivilagedIndian FirewaterJoyful SuccessPrivilagedTime for Atonement5
Dream NettieDream NettiePrivilagedDream NettiePrivilaged5

Star of SapphireAndinaDixie's SandalsAndinaAndina10
2Warren's JitterbugMaria's DaneWarren's JitterbugWarren's JitterbugDixie's Sandals6
Bonnie Blue FlagHarissaBonnie Blue FlagDixie's SandalsWarren's Jitterbug6

Plasma BeamNew BayPlasma BeamNew BayNew Bay15
3NobletyPlasma BeamNew BayPlasma BeamPlasma Beam14
New BayEl TrofeoNobletyWine On the PorchNoblety3

Magical FantasyMagical FantasyInternallyflawlessVisitMagical Fantasy14
4Black MambaVisitMagical FantasyMagical FantasyInternallyflawless7
InternallyflawlessInternallyflawlessRosa GraceBlack MambaVisit7

Excellent NewsStunning AllyExcellent NewsExcellent NewsExcellent News19
5Carrie RoseExcellent NewsDance the DanceCarrie RoseStunning Ally7
ShesoprovocativeShesoprovocativeStunning AllyStunning AllyCarrie Rose4

Cowboy CalTimes Gone ByTimes Gone ByCowboy CalCowboy Cal14
6WhatsthescriptCowboy CalCowboy CalWhatsthescriptTimes Gone By10
Global HunterSkyrushSkyrushGlobal HunterWhatsthescript4

TiagoGitano HernandoMine That BirdColonel JohnColonel John10
7Colonel JohnColonel JohnMonzanteMine That BirdMine That Bird10
Mine That BirdParadingColonel JohnRichard's KidGitano Hernando5

8Life Is SweetCocoa BeachAnabaa's CreationCocoa BeachLife Is Sweet4
BriecatAnabaa's CreationLife Is SweetLife Is SweetCocoa Beach4

On FireMalibu CanyonSterkelArt CurrencySterkel7
9Fu Peg He RatSterkelCaspianWar NativeArt Currency7
Imco SpiritCaspianWar NativeCaspianMalibu Canyon5

Get My FixMr CharlieMr CharlieMr CharlieMr Charlie16
10Frisco KidThe ProgramBrady Blue EyesGet My FixGet My Fix8
Mr CharlieGet My FixThe Skinny ManThe Skinny ManThe Skinny Man2