04/30/2014 11:55AM

Pick-six guarantees at Kentucky Derby and Oaks


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Churchill is teaming with its sister company, Twinspires.com, to offer pick-six pool guarantees on Oaks and Derby Days. The Oaks pool is guaranteed at $250,000 and the Derby at $1 million.

The pick six carries a $2 minimum, with the sequence concluding with the marquee race each day.

◗ While fillies coming from Louisiana, California, and Florida typically fare best in the Kentucky Oaks, there seems an inordinate Kentucky slant among the field this year, with eight of the 13 starters having raced already in the state. Five of the starters, led by Untapable, have won in the state.

◗ Churchill personnel have been working feverishly behind the scenes for weeks in planning the content for the new giant infield video screen, and its operators have all kinds of entertainment and information options prepared for Oaks and Derby Days. The track is promising to keep fans riveted with what is displayed to the massive crowds both days.

Fans on other days, however, can expect to see more of the regular racing presentations to which they are accustomed.

◗ Real horseplayers know their saddle towel colors (1 is red, 2 is white, etc.), but the colors from 15 to 20 are far less familiar, used only in rare situations such as the Derby.

And with also-eligibles now part of the Derby, the possibility exists that four new saddle towel colors might someday be in use: 21, lavender/navy; 22, postal blue/white; 23, seafoam/dark green; 24, olive/white.