06/04/2015 7:22PM

Pick six format change tabled, may be considered for fall meeting


Del Mar has tabled a plan to change the format of the pick six for the upcoming summer meeting. The plan would have eliminated a consolation payoff and dedicated that portion of the pool for distribution to a single ticketholder.

On Thursday, track President Joe Harper said Del Mar will seek additional feedback from bettors before reconsidering the new format for the autumn meeting.

“To get a more accurate assessment of it, it would be best to do it in the fall meeting,” Harper said. “We don’t want to spring it on everybody. The fall might be the time to do it. I think we need to get more thinking out there and tell people why we think it’s a good idea. If it doesn’t work, we’d be the first to pull the plug.”

The track’s summer meeting runs July 16-Sept. 6. The autumn meeting runs Oct. 29-Nov. 29.

Del Mar introduced the proposed changes at the California Horse Racing Board meeting May 21. The proposal has similarities to rainbow pick six bets currently conducted at Gulfstream Park and Golden Gate Field but with an emphasis on paying a majority of the pool to bettors who select six winners each day.

Del Mar’s proposal would have dedicated 80 percent of the net pick six pool to be distributed to perfect tickets. The remaining 20 percent would be distributed if there were a single winning ticketholder or would have carried over until a single ticketholder won a pick six.

Rainbow pick six bets are offered in 20-cent denominations. Del Mar planned to retain a $2 minimum for the pick six under the proposed format.

The issue was scheduled to be discussed at the racing board’s pari-mutuel committee meeting June 11 at Los Alamitos before being considered by the full racing board at its monthly meeting June 25 at Los Alamitos. Del Mar needed racing board approval for the new format before the start of the summer meeting.

On Thursday, the racing board announced the pari-mutuel committee meeting had been canceled after Del Mar officials asked that the new format be tabled.

Harper said track officials consider the new format to be a way to reinvigorate the $2 pick six, which has been losing handle in recent years to other jackpot bets such as the 50-cent pick five and pick four.

“I think we need to breathe a little life in it,” Harper said.

Jay Westerkamp More than 1 year ago
I have to agree with the other posts here, and would be shocked if this proposal is a success. The NTRA is pushing for changes to the regulations on withholding taxes -- and rightly so. One of their complaints is that it takes money out of the system that would likely be reinvested by the bettors. Well, if Del Mar's average Pick Six pool is 100K -- with 20% carried over if no single winner -- then that will be taking 20K out of bettors' hands each day. And when it is hit, that means the accumulation of that carryover money is going to a single bettor instead of being distributed among multiple bettors, which in all likelihood greatly reduces how much of those winnings will be reinvested into pools in the future. Isn't that defeating the purpose? If they want to reinvigorate the bet without a consolation pool then they have to reduce the amount of the wager to bring in smaller bettors. Pimlico's wager is only a dime, while Gulfstream's is 20-cents. At that level, more of the handle will be from incremental dollars being wagered by smaller bettors taking a shot at the big money. At $2, tracks like Del Mar severely limit the number of bettors, simply redirecting money that would have been bet into other pools that day.
J Vette More than 1 year ago
50% carryover if no one has all 6 winners,...Consolations: 30-35% to 5 winners, & 15-20% to 4 winners....this way players receive churn money to continue playing. With a 50% carryover & pool is 100K, the next day with 50K already in pool. the P-6 play will be way over 200K..... WHAT'S WRONG WITH DOING THE P-6 THIS WAY ???????
Ian GW More than 1 year ago
I cant afford it either way. I just saw the worse ride ever. WB race 7 Sunday. After two late scratches that killed the pick 4, Luis has the 6 clear and just had to ride out. For some odd reason taps her left handed and goes off the lead? The 2 comes up at 45-1 and says thank you. This game has to clean up. I get the scratches killed the pick 4 but come on.
Lenny Mamola More than 1 year ago
I wonder sometimes who in the hell is running the track or tracks and come up with such a stupid and unintelligent idea...They or he or her must not be a handicapper or a bettor...... Always thinking nonsense......The consolation is the heart of the pick 6 as many good handicappers and veterans put good money into the pool and to hit a consolation gives us the players.. a chance for seed money to continue ... and also a reward for the many hours of study going into playing of a ticket..I personally put in 15 or more hours of study if playing...you want to lose bettors?? Keep on coming up with these ideas...Wow this one takes the cake
David Chong Ng More than 1 year ago
70% 6 of 6, 20% 5 of 6, 10% single winner, del mar pick 6 average pool is over 100k, if there no winner of 6 on that day, half go to single winner, half as carryover next week.
David Chong Ng More than 1 year ago
i mean next day
Carson Horton More than 1 year ago
Don't mess with a good thing, Joe. If you want to change something about the P6 then lower the wagering increment to 50 cents but do NOT eliminate the consolation payoff as it is very important to the wagering strategy of the bettor; especially small bettors who depend on the occasional "minor score" when they hit the consolation, to keep from going broke. Personally, I have never hit a really large P6 payoff on a perfect six out of six ticket...lot's of smaller payoffs in the $1,000 to $3,000 range, but I once had 5 out of 6 that paid $5,600 and I had it four times! If it hadn't been for that score I would not be playing the P6 today.
Steve Wells More than 1 year ago
unless a consolation payoff is a part of it it will be a dismal failure
Lenroy Stuckey Thomas More than 1 year ago
that will not work i tell u from now dont even try it
Dick Brasher More than 1 year ago
Wow,so now you will invest 1000 into a nice pk 6 ticket,and hit 5 out of 6,and get nothing back...