11/11/2016 8:02PM

Pick six carries over opening day, with $11,805 in jackpot pool


DEL MAR, Calif. – On the first day of Del Mar’s newly configured pick six, which incorporates a separate carryover for a single winning ticket, no one could pick five winners on Friday, let alone six, leading to two carryovers into Saturday’s card.

The carryover in the general pick six pool is $55,093. Another $11,805 is in the jackpot carryover pool, reserved for any single winning ticket.

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There was $103,136 bet on the pick six on Friday. After takeout, 70 percent is reserved for the tickets that pick six winners. That’s the $55,093 that wound up carried over in the general pool because no one had six.

Another 15 percent goes to a single winning ticket. That’s the $11,805 in the jackpot carryover.

The remaining 15 percent – $11,805 – went to those on Friday who had the most winners in the pick six sequence. There were six tickets that had four of the six winners, and those ticketholders each received $1,967.70

There were no winning favorites in the sequence. Odds on the winners were 11-1, 30-1, 4-1, 8-1, 13-1, and 5-1.