05/05/2014 6:38PM

Photos: Kentucky Derby 2014, start to finish


How the 140th Kentucky Derby unfolded Saturday, May 3, at Churchill Downs:

California Chrome breaks alertly alongside Danza, while both Wicked Strong and Commanding Curve are forced to take back from their outside posts. [Photo by John Bambury]

Entering the first turn, California Chrome tucks neatly behind pacesetters Uncle Sigh (inside) and Chitu. Danza, who was roughed up down the straight the first time by stablemate Vinceremos, secures a spot inside horses while Wicked Strong gets hung wide. Commanding Curve has just one horse beat. [Photo by John Bambury]

Turning into the homestretch, California Chrome strikes to the front and quickly opens daylight. Danza and Wicked Strong are in and among horses, looking for a seam to run through. Commanding Curve is angled to the outside to find clear sailing. [Photo by Justin N. Lane]

Approaching the sixteenth pole, California Chrome has the Derby well in hand. Danza finds running room and looks poised to go by weakening frontrunners for the runner-up spot, but Commanding Curve looms boldly on the outside. Wicked Strong continues to suffer traffic woes and is stuck down along the inside.  [Photo by John Bambury]

Victor Espinoza rises up in the saddle in exultation as California Chrome becomes the 140th Kentucky Derby winner. Commanding Curve rallies strongly for second, Danza finishes well to hold the show, and Wicked Strong, finally extricating himself in the shadow of the wire, nips Samraat in a photo finish for fourth. [Photo by Barbara D. Livingston]

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Gae Seal 12 months ago
What happened to Rosie on Vicar's in Trouble? She had a great position early on.
Ray Sousa 12 months ago
no horse.hes just not that good.
Mitch McMahon 12 months ago
I'm impressed Danza didn't fall over. I don't know what that takes out of horse but if I'm in a running race and Ray Lewis blindsides me at 37 mph, and i keep on for third, somebody better note that I'm a badass
Ray Sousa 12 months ago
actually DANZA should have come down he crossed in front and hampered at least 2 horses in the stretch .absolutely stopped MEDAL COUNT..
sk 12 months ago
Calvin Borel Screwed up Ride on curlin else he would have been 2nd finisher
Wacky Wins 12 months ago
yes if you have an account with twin spires than you should watch the side or front view replay.
Bill 12 months ago
Is there a head-on shot/video of the Kentucky Derby online?
L.S. Heatherly 12 months ago
Let's look at more than the 1st 4 finishers. The OFFICIAL REORD: "DANZA was shuffled back in opening stages, dropped back to the rail for the run into 1st turn, ...gathered momemtum into the far turn, awaied room nearing tth furlongs,... steered out bumping METAL COUNT...continued to the wire." DANCE WITH FATE had the MOST "troubled trip" --(4) troubles: "DANCE WITH FATE was (1) jostled at the break, (2) shuffled back aroound the 1st turn, (3) bumped, and (4) shut off when Wicked Strong came in leaving the 3/4 pole...recovered and kept trying to the wire." In my words, he lost more lengths than any of the top 6 -7 finishers-- certainly more than Danza and Wicked Strong.
Dennis 12 months ago
L.S. Heatherly 11 months ago
"Never"?? How about "usually" Look at the track man's comments on Dance with Fate's 8 races BEFORE the Derby !st race "Off slow, pulled" 2nd Race "Steady Handling" 3rd Race "Bumped start" {meaning bumped by another horse at the start] 4th Race "Bid, led overatken" 5th Race "Squezzed start" {meaning squeezed the horses on each side} 6th Race "off bit slow, rallied" [meaning rallied to win" 7th Race "bid four wide" ........" 8th Race "Sweeping move, cleared" [from 5 lengths back NOT 11 back] that's 2 of 9 races, Dennis Nineth Race, K Derby "Jostled at start" {meaning the horses on each side came against the horse and disrupted the horse's trip AFTER he was out of the gate.] You are welcome Dennis, and all others that want facts instead of knee-jerk fingers on the keyboard. Your Truly, L.S. heatherly (the only such on the web)
Ray Sousa 12 months ago
sometimes horses find more trouble due to lack of ability .the jockey has to try and save ground and take chaces.notice how great horses have very few trouble lines in their charts. DANCE WITH FATE"s trainer basically was brought to the derby kicking and screaming he did not want to run .and said the horse needs more time between races and he runs much better on polytrack .he went as far as to say the horse does not have a finishing kick on dirt. This was public knowledge so those who played him were warned.
L.S. Heatherly 11 months ago
Not true. The trainer was caught minutes after the win by reporter, and repeated what had been his plan up to the Bluegrass. But, about 5 days BEFORE the Derby he said to the press that going to the Derby "was actually a no brainer" He mentioned that his horse had worked 4 furlongs at 47 flat on the Santa Anita dirt --2nd fastest of 60 horses-- just before shipping to Churchhill Downs. You all welcome for these facts/corrections. no need to say Thanks(after hell freezes over) Yours Truly, L.S. Heatherly (the only such on the web).
Dennis Michela 12 months ago
Did Churchill forget to water the track? It should have been done after the walk-over.
Dennis Michela 12 months ago
I think Wicked Strong should have been disqualified and jockey Rajiv Maragh should be fined and suspended for what he did to Candy Boy on the first turn.
L.S. Heatherly 12 months ago
In addition, The Official Recoed says Wicked Strong "shut off" Dance With Fate "when he came in leaving the 3/4 pole"
Martha Cantarini 12 months ago
I can't believe that he did not get days. The over head shot shows what he did to Candy Boy before he got the others. I am surprised CB did not go down.
Reiner727 . 12 months ago
I agree that was reckless riding that could have ended extremely badly. Big shame Wicked Strong got to take 4th place money after that...
Mable Roberts 12 months ago
Rajiv has done the same reckless riding in past TC races... he might be a nice person, but dangerous riding has no place in a field like this. He's never very tactical either, in & out. Wastes a ton of horse making the moves he does and going so wide. I haven't even looked at the complete ride Wicked Strong had, but I have seen enough of Rajiv's riding to know it would affect how this horse would do, as good as he is, breaking from the 20.
Ray Sousa 12 months ago
Both rajiv maragh and joe bravo .should get a couple of weeks.
philcoforde 12 months ago
Espinoza did a terrific job of not messing it up. Conversely, super bummed about Candy Boy getting KILLED...loved his chances.
zeakman1398 12 months ago
I too was fond of candy boy prior to the race. I was bummed he got such a poor trip andi lost50 bucks... Then I saw what happened to his odds during the race and realized there is no way I could not be nearly as upset as someone. Wow! Can anyone give a realistic assessment of what it would take to drop the odds of a horse 7 full dollars in the last minute?
dameian ramsay 12 months ago
Can all u haters give California chrome his respect even u do called experts. This horse is hamds down and far better than any of these horses and he showed the whole world by demolishing these other horses and still some of u r making all types of excuses because y'all wee trying ti beat the chrome and couldn't. Give respect where respect is due.Victor has yet to put this horse all out. We might b watching something special after he wons the preakness. So all u haters sit back relax and watch what could possibly b history being made once again.
TonyRegalbuto 12 months ago
I give him lots of respect, but the fact of the matter is CC had the best trip of all. That's not his fault, he just so happens to be a very fast horse who can rate, and Espinoza did a remarkable job with him, but I wouldn't say he's hands down, or far better than any of the horses that ran in the derby either, because there was a lot of bumping and traffic problems in the race. Also, the early fractions were moderate at best which also favored CC. Listen I'm not knocking him, but you have to consider the factors, and circumstances of the race which compromised some of the other horses as well.
Rich Sesny 12 months ago
the early fractions were moderate but honest - and yet all the "speed" horses still faded. They were moderate for Chitu, Intensive Holiday, and Samraat too -- but they were up the track. It wasn't a problem of trips or traffic - how come they didn't place better? The other horses simply were not on the same level as CC -- not by a long shot.
RIP Grammar 12 months ago
Best trip or not, CC was the best horse that day because he IS the best horse. Period, end of story.
Mable Roberts 12 months ago
I'll give that an amen!
Edward Nelson 12 months ago
Im a california hater. I think that chrome is the best horse in the country. Hes better then any older horse too. Game on dude is still the most overratted ever. He could win an allowance race at belmont if it had more then 1 speed horse in it. Chrome is the exception. He looks like the real deal. California horses still suck and glorify themselvesby beating there own competition. Your best horse, game on dude, has won 1 race in the past 3 years that had any competition in it and he had to be loose on the lead, on a major speed bias to do it . Hes your genuine cali fraud.
Ray Sousa 12 months ago
Why did he get the best trip. Because he has the ability to place himself out of trouble. Others who were on the pace with him also had the ability to place themselves but not the ability to go on. And others only had the ability to close late. Too late. While others had no ability just excuses.so in the end the best horse won.