09/25/2014 3:25PM

Phipps to speak at International Conference of Horseracing Authorities


Ogden Mills “Dinny” Phipps, the chairman of The Jockey Club, has been designated to deliver the keynote address at the International Conference of Horseracing Authorities on Oct. 6 in Paris, the administrator of the conference announced Thursday.

Phipps, who has been chairman of The Jockey Club since 1983, heads one of the foremost breeding families in the world. He also has been an outspoken advocate for the prohibition of the race-day use of the anti-bleeding medication furosemide, a position that aligns with the conference organizer, the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, which is comprised of members from nearly every major racing jurisdiction in the world.

In a statement, Louis Romanet, the chairman of the IFHA, said Phipps is expected to address medication use in his speech. While The Jockey Club’s position on furosemide has found widespread support in international jurisdictions, horsemen in the United States have consistently opposed any rollback in regulations allowing for race-day use of the medication, which is commonly known as Lasix.

Race-day use of furosemide is banned in most major racing jurisdictions, with the exception of the United States, Canada, and some South American countries.

The IFHA conference, to be held at its headquarters in Paris, will feature presentations on racing surfaces and social-media strategies, the IFHA said. In addition, Jim Gagliano, the president of The Jockey Club and the vice chairman of the IFHA, will give a presentation on the plans for the first-ever Pan American Conference on racing, scheduled for New York next June.