12/30/2003 12:00AM

Philly jockeys agree to ride


Racing resumed at Philadelphia Park on Tuesday after jockeys agreed to ride while they continue to seek a new system for the payment of their riding fees from track management.

On Monday, jockeys announced their refusal to ride the 10-race card shortly before post time for the first race because they were unhappy about a delay in being paid their fees.

Several months ago, a new postrace testing system for horses was implemented by the Pennsylvania State Racing Commission. The test results now take longer to generate - up to eight days - and the jockeys aren't paid until the tests clear. That has held up several payments for riders, dating back to early November.

Veteran jockey Tony Black said Monday that Philadelphia Park is the only track he knows of that doesn't have a weekly schedule for check disbursements. Black also said riders had not been paid for losing mounts since Dec. 21.

Racing is scheduled to resume at Philadelphia Park on Thursday, New Year's Day, after a regularly scheduled dark day on Wednesday.