10/30/2002 1:00AM

Philadelphia Park track report


Apprentice jockey Heather Irion will be out indefinitely as she recuperates from numerous injuries sustained in a spill at Philadelphia Park last week.

Although Irion was released from Frankford-Torresdale Hospital, she is still having problems with double vision and will not be able to resume riding for at least several weeks, according to her agent, Gary Yager.

"It's really going to be the doctor's call as to when she'll be able to return," Yager said.

Besides double vision, Irion also has some facial nerve damage. "She's a bit numb on the right side of her face, like she took a shot of Novocaine, and the doctor said that will just have to heal on its own," Yager said.

Irion also sustained a slight concussion, needed stitches to close a cut over her right eye, and has a slight fracture of the orbital bone around her right eye.

For the season, Irion has ridden 49 winners in 342 mounts.