05/17/2005 11:00PM

Philadelphia Park track report


A bettor at Philadelphia Park not only had a $1 ticket on the huge superfecta from the Kentucky Derby, but also a $1 trifecta box from the same race.

As a result, the player, who asked to remain anonymous, collected slightly more than $922,845 when he returned to the track last weekend to cash his tickets.

He came up with the highly improbable combinations by using horses his friend's fiancee liked.

"She picked out a bunch of horses she wanted to play," the bettor said. "She had written down five horses, and when [her fianc?] looked at them, he said there's no way these longshots have a prayer and decided not to play them. I figured, what the heck. I used the five horses in both a trifecta and superfecta box."

His total investment on the Derby hunch plays was $180.