05/13/2013 11:56AM

Penn National Gaming seeks casino license for Rosecroft Raceway


Penn National Gaming Inc., the national gambling company, has submitted a proposal to Maryland regulators seeking a casino license at its Rosecroft Raceway just southeast of Washington, D.C.

Penn filed the proposal on Friday with the Maryland Video Lottery Facility Location Commission despite spending $42 million last year in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat a public referendum allowing for an additional casino license in Maryland. Penn opposed the ballot question because of concerns about the impact of another Maryland casino on a casino it already owns in the state and its other properties in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Penn’s proposal will compete with a submission from MGM Resorts International, which filed its own plans for a casino and resort at a National Harbor site just south of D.C. on Thursday. The MGM proposal is already considered the leading proposal because of its waterfront location.

Penn said in a release that it would spend $700 million to build a casino at Rosecroft, a harness track the company bought out of bankruptcy in 2011 for $10.25 million as a hedge on its casino operations in the Mid-Atlantic.

a More than 1 year ago
I am surprised Penn National didn't want to buy Hollywood Park and want to move it to death valley.
Ray More than 1 year ago
Count me as another who cannot stand Penn National and their business practices. I live in Maryland and would love to see them go out of business. They constantly cost the state and other businesses millions of dollars as they play their deceptive games in an attempt to protect their interests. Their bid for this casino is a joke. The state makes most of its gambling-based tax revenue off of slot machines and very little off of table games. PN has specified only 500 slot machines in their bid while the other two companies have specified over 4,000 each. This allowed PN to submit a minimum dollar amount bond with their bid...which is based upon the number of slot machines proposed. It is a painfully non-competitive bid and they know it. They will lose the bid (they are counting on it) and then protest it...tying up the process in the courts for as long as possible...therefore delaying the opening of the new casino. This is the only reason they even submitted a bid. This company sucks.
a More than 1 year ago
I don't have a problem with slots at a track. on the other hand I do have a problem with how penn national runs their operation. They go in to the race tracks promise the world and never deliver. The best thing for anyone todo is to go race at another track or go gamble at another casino. The way to make them hurt is to give their rivals the business.
James G Romano More than 1 year ago
For those who want to know about Penn Nat.....read about Sunland racetrack ,and opthers, in NEW Mexico,,,,,,,,,,,A SHAMEFUL WAY TO RUN A TRACK [A SLAUGHTER HOUSE,REALLY!!]..AND WITH JOCKEYS PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR A FEW BUCKS...they spent a few THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ,,'TO IMPROVE THE TRACK",,,LIKE SPIT ON A HIGHWAY,,nothing less...GREED is not [always] good!!
a More than 1 year ago
I hate penn national to. But Penn. doesn't have anything todo with Sunland Park. The only track they have in N.M. is Zia Park . I have been in racing all my life and live close to there and have not and will not race there. I care for my horses and the well being of my friends way to much to risk their lives.
Jack Twee More than 1 year ago
You'd have to be an Idiot to play Penn National.Don't give them a dime of your gambling money.
BRIAN More than 1 year ago
Penn National = Big Joke. They dont care about horses or horseman at all. they just want to over populate this country with casinos. They dont realize that there are only so many gambling dollars to go around. I dont know how a company that is 2.5 Billion in debt still has more revenue to keep building and buying. The fall from there grace though will be very comical. Cause of Penn National i will be losing my local track. while they move it to an area that has 5 other tracks so close by.
Tom Williamson More than 1 year ago
Brian:you're talking about Beulah's relocation to Youngstown. That move makes no sense horse wise or casino wise. I'd hate it if they did that to my racetrack.