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Peck: Rainbow 6 play for Gulfstream Park on Thursday, Sept. 11


Race 5: Going to take a bit of a stand immediately in this sequence, as ANTARES (No. 4) does seem to have an edge on those runners that are experienced on the grass. QUICK HALL (No. 5) is worth using in some capacity, as his two turf sprints were against better. SEQUESTRATE (No. 6) had some trouble in his latest and merits at least some attention, and PICKETTS CORNER (No. 1) has upside on the surface switch and barn change.
A: 4
B: 5
C: 1, 6

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Race 6: MINI BREW (No. 4) is an easy filly to like off her debut, but I'll use firster REGAL PRESENCE (No. 5) in equal strength as she has some decent works. Backup tickets will include CHICA CHAPINA (No. 8), who adds blinkers, and R LOVELY LINDSEY (No. 9), who now starts for trainer Kirk Ziadie.
A: 4,5
B: 8,9

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Race 7: CHARLIE IN CHARGE (No. 2) has speed and some of the better Beyer Speed Figures in the field. SATURDAY SPECIAL (No. 8) also has decent back figures. ABADOY (No. 1) and INDIAN NATE (No. 7) merit inclusion on lesser tickets.
A: 2,8
B: 1
C: 7

Race 8: BLONDECAT (No. 8) has been away, but she fits well on Beyers. DADDYS JEWEL (No. 10) comes off a sharp score and looms the one to beat. CAPRICCIO BLUE (No. 1), a "B" on this ticket, would elevate to "A" status given a key scratch somewhere in this sequence. DESIRABLE LADY (No. 6) and PHOEBE MOON (No. 7) are possibilities and are worth using to some degree.
A: 8, 10
B: 1
C: 6, 7

Race 9: CORNER THE MARKET (No. 4) and TWO HEARTS IN ONE (No. 8) come off runner-up finishes and are the sole "A" plays. ELUSIVE HARMONY (No. 1) has won four of her last five on the main track. On lesser tickets, I'll also include YOU NEVER LEARN (No. 6) and PEKINESA (No. 7).
A: 4, 8
B: 1
C: 6, 7

Race 10: ROMEO'S WAR (No. 5) makes his first start off the claim for a barn winning at 25 percent with such runners. SKIBO IN JULY (No. 9) has to be respected off that last figure. LITTLE BART (No. 1), BEA WILDCAT (No. 2), and COTTONTAIL (No. 6) will all be on supporting tickets.
A: 5, 9
B: 6
C: 1, 2

Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
I hate to rain on the handicappers parade but lets face it racing is now so fixed that its almost silly to subscribe to any handicapping site..at lest 3 races on every card are fixed if not more so horizontal bets are poison.racing has become a lottery.pick a number and hope or throw a dart...it sad that one can no longer spend a few hours handicapping and have the expectation of hitting some horizontal bets (doubles,pick3 pick4 etc) in my 35 years as a horseplayer ive hit more pick 4s than anybody i know and there isnt a type of bet i have not hit at least once.and that includes rainbow, pick 6 ,high 5,supers,pick3.even a few exotic bets overseas jackpots,place accumulators etc. But as i watch tvg and some nyra replays on my 60 inch hd tv i can clearly see the awful rides the cheating rides and i can replay them over and over and watch in slow motion. I have no doubts that many races these days are fixed and the results has been predetermined. recently i read about a California horse that debuted under analgesics and ran up the track then went to Churchill on derby day and smoked a tougher field by 20 lengths.i had bet the horse in its debut and when drf published that the trainer was fined for the analgesic positive after the horse was tested it was just another example of the cheating that goes on.the fact that the stewards picked that horse to test after he did not run a lick tells me they suspected something and were right.but the punishment for the trainer was minimal.so the cheating goes on and on. you would think drf as a handicapping tool would keep the heat on these things more.
Boyd Cord More than 1 year ago
so then you know to think like a thief. do they cheat? hell yes. do they have bad rides? outside of New York and at time So.Cal yes big time. yet, you can sense a fair ride and a uh-uh race. a lot. example if I see a top 2-3 winning rider and trainer on a Horse with top 2-3 avg. figures. They have a great % at WP. I've learned to find the jockeys who want to win more badly than anyone else win % does not tell the story, I wish I knew the jockey agent world behind the scene but I don't so I have to rely on the Jockey first then everything else.
Dan More than 1 year ago
4,5 4,8,9 2,6,8 8,10 4,5,7,8 1,2,6,9
Boyd Cord More than 1 year ago
R5 4.5 R6 9 R7 ,4,7 R8 all R9 4,7 R10 1,9
[removed] More than 1 year ago
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kelly More than 1 year ago
Leslie Burke Fernandes More than 1 year ago
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