Updated on 09/08/2012 11:27AM

Paynter makes slow progress in battle against colitis, laminitis

Barbara D. Livingston
Paynter on Wednesday was walking in leg casts designed to keep the laminitis from getting worse.


Haskell winner Paynter remains hospitalized at a Schuylerville, N.Y., clinic but appears to have made some progress in fighting colitis, an inflammation of the colon, according to tweets Wednesday night from his owner Ahmed Zayat. 

"Paynter has been walking comfortably all day," Zayat tweeted just after 7 p.m. Eastern. "This afternoon his diarrhea resolved and he passed formed manure. He was mildly uncomfortable when defecating which is not uncommon in horses with colitis as the diarrhea resolves. He has had an intermittent low grade fever but his blood work continues to be normal. He continues to be treated aggressively. Please keep your good prayers and energy coming, our champ is fighting and fighting hard."

Paynter won the Haskell on July 29. Two days later, he shipped to New Jersey’s Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center with what his connections then believed to be pneumonia. He developed diarrhea but then improved and returned to light training with Bob Baffert two weeks later. Paynter shipped to the Schuylerville clinic on Aug. 26 after he developed diarrhea and a 103-degree temperature; the equine temperature normally ranges between 99 to 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

On Tuesday, Zayat tweeted that his 3-year-old Awesome Again colt had suffered a setback when X-rays revealed laminitis developing in three of his legs. Paynter has since been fitted with casts to support his feet. Also on Tuesday, Zayat revealed that the colt had developed an infection at the site of his catheter, followed by disseminated intravascular coagulopathy, a blood-clotting problem that can occur as a secondary issue after ailments such as sepsis

ty More than 1 year ago
So happy that Paynter is well enough @Santa Anita. I look forward to seeing the champ soon.
Susan Huart More than 1 year ago
No news in a week. Anyone know how Paynter is doing?
Forego137 More than 1 year ago
Paynter your a tuff one, keep fighting for a full recovery. My prayers are with you
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
TO Matt below. Step away from your desk ar drf and get a clue. Amazes me the lenghts folks go to totry to discredit facts about doping!
Fea More than 1 year ago
Pull through Paynter!!!!
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
The news today is that Paynter continues to get better. Fabulous news. Today's updates are on another article on another thread on this site. Paynter is an amazing horse - so strong, so courageous. He's battling all of these illnesses simultaneously and he is winning the fight. Prayers continue to go out to him and healing thoughts are winging his way from me. Go Paynter, go!!
matt More than 1 year ago
Are you kidding me! And the people who criticize my posts say Go for Wand broke down at the Breeders Cup @ Saratoga?!?! What year was that Breeders Cup held at Saratoga, Tom? I must have missed that one. Unbelievable!!!
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
Hey Matt. Unless you post under another name, I haven't seen your posts anywhere. It was an honest mistake. Save the name calling. Thanks.
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
Five More than 1 year ago
Anonymous, the owner is likely trying to rectify or re-invent a new image, as caring for the animals, following that fiasco with the bank. Unlike, most of you guys, I am now only a fan of this sport, but a former owner. From previous stories, fans would not forget, that the loans were higher than the horses' worth at that time. In this sport of Kings, with gambling, there can be a lot of temptations. That's my take, not in any way an accusation. The intrigue of blogging with strangers, is just that, we really do not know each other. I learned that many of you worked or involved with horses daily, but others, like myself, had/have other professional lives and skills. These skilled opinions and angles could be very interesting. What I am trying to say, is that reading into the individuals' behaviors, actions/reactions/inactions can be very telling. I am somewhat reluctant to post, as DRF had deleted quite a few of them, although there were no obscenities nor vulgarities, just my opinion.
Horse Cents More than 1 year ago
Rectify or re-invent is a nice way of saying what I was thinking which is guilt. If it helps the horse, so be it. On the other issues, my money is still on duck.
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
As everyone here does, I continue to wish Paynter a recovery. I hope if he fully recovers he has a good quality of life that is deserving of all these horse both champions and those who never progressed that far. To the writers of these articles... the current ones, as well as the archives since The Haskell. Can you please stop reiterating the pneumonis claim. If Baffert of the Zayats thought Paynter had pneumonia why were they quoted as saying he was to run in The Travers or Pennsylvania Derby?? Why did they jokingly comment on his reason for being at the NJ clinic?? By all means I applaude the Zayats for their efforts to save this colt.. But stop with the spin.. He had high red blood cell counts... his white cell count would be high with pneumonia.. unless he was overloaded with red blood cells from something. My sympathy for this colt. But lets keep the facts straight. Please.
Horse Cents More than 1 year ago
I agree Thomas. I've been holding my tongue until Paynter is out of the woods and on the road back to good health. You've noticed they keep repeating the pneumonia claim long after the fact and now have added diarrhea to that time for the first time in this article. Seriously does DRF just repeat anything said to them? Does anyone actually make a few calls or check any real facts? At this point it doesn't look good for all his connections if he had those things and doesn't look good if he didn't.
Horse Cents More than 1 year ago
One more comment on fact checking errors. Paynter was never returned to Bob for training. Bob hasn't seen the horse since he got on a plane sometime before the Haskel more than six weeks ago.
anonymous More than 1 year ago
I find these updates incredibly annoying and attention seeking by the owner. Why can't a conventional news source report daily news on Paynter's condition? Then it wouldn't be so gushy and personal. Is it too much work to transcribe the information? I guess we could have victims tweeting about crimes and eliminate some more reporter jobs. The problem is when there's a complication, he starts implying he'll put the horse down fast to avoid any suffering whatsoever. That angered me. He didn't say, if it were hopeless, only if it involved suffering. That's indirect. You put down an animal when it's hopeless to save them, not to avoid any suffering they must endure in order to pull through. But I didn't hear that distinction being made, so I'm done with the owner.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
And if he knew how to address you he may say the same.
anonymous More than 1 year ago
You don't even know how to spell your last name.