09/10/2012 3:29PM

Paynter grazes outside, continues to show improvement

Barbara D. Livingston
Paynter grazed outside on Monday for the first time since Aug. 26.

Paynter, the Grade 1 Haskell winner and Belmont Stakes runner-up, continues to show positive signs in his battle with colitis and laminitis, according to updates presented on Twitter by his owner, Ahmed Zayat.

In a series of tweets Monday afternoon, Zayat said that Paynter no longer has fever and that his blood work was normal and protein level was good.

“He is comfortable, stable and eating well,” Zayat tweeted, adding “all in all [it] looks like Paynter continues to turn the corner and [is] winning his battle with colitis.”

Paynter has spent the last two weeks at the Upstate Equine Medical Center in Schuylerville, N.Y., with what was diagnosed as colitis, an inflammation of the colon.

About a week into his stay, Paynter also was diagnosed with the often fatal hoof disease known as laminitis. Three of his feet are in casts. On Monday, X-rays were taken on Paynter’s feet, and Zayat said Paynter’s attending veterinarian, Dr. Laura Javsicas, “was extremely happy to see that there [were] no radiological changes from last week. In fact, there has been much improvement from the way his feet looked before being in the cast. So she feels very hopeful and encouraged that if we continue to have comfortable feet and we feel blessed that this courageous Paynter, not only [has] beaten colitis but he has a very good chance of beating laminitis.”

Later in the afternoon, Justin Zayat, the racing manager for his father Ahmed, tweeted that Paynter was taken outside to graze for the first time since he was taken to the Upstate Equine Medical Center on Aug. 26.

BrassMonkyBalls More than 1 year ago
Thanks for these updates joy. I check in everyday to see if there's progress. Thanks again.
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
You're welcome. And thanks for your concern about Paynter.
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
Update on Paynter as of Wednesday, September 19th: According to Paynter's doctor, Dr. Laura, and from Zayat family, Paynter has had challenges the last four days. Paynter had spiked a fever, which was high for the last three days or so. It is now back down. Colitis is healing slowly. Zayat family brought in world expert on colitis to help fight it better. Paynter is being given a cocktail of antibiotics via a catheter now, instead of orally as it was given to him before. Paynter has shown positive signs new medications are working. Paynter is still showing remarkable courage, Justin Zayat reports. The mild laminitis is showing signs of healing, Paynter's feet look good, casts still scheduled to come off later this week. Paynter's attitude has improved and is sunny now. His organs look good, his blood work looks good, he has no diarrhea and his appetite is healthy. He is grazing outside as well. So, Paynter still needs good thoughts and prayers as far as the fevers, infection and colitis are concerned. Paynter, hang in there buddy. You have done a fabulous job fighting against all of these illnesses that have come against you all at once. You are winning the battle. Continue to be brave, courageous and strong. May the new antibiotic cocktaill do you the world of good and totally knock out the infections, fever. May your colitis be completely cured. May the removal of your casts be a roaring succces and may the laminitis be completely healed. We stand in solidarity with you, Paynter. We pray for your wonderful medical team and for your owners, who have expressed that they are in this fight all the way with you. We send you our good thoughts for your excellent health and we pray for you as well. You will beat this, Paynter. Have a strong, healing day. I will check in on you again tomorrow morning. Go, Payner, go!!
Susan Huart More than 1 year ago
Thanks, Joy. I haven't seen anything new either. So, IMO, no news is good news. God bless Paynter and his fans! Hang in there Big Guy! Sounds like Gemologist is having problems now. These poor horses!
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
Yes, I saw the article today on Gemologist, Susan. That little blurb they put out about him sounded rather vague, yet upsetting. I hope to hear something definitive about Gemologist soon. I'm praying for all three horses - Paynter, Potesta, Gemologist. So many serious illnesses right now. Good thoughts and prayer will lend a helping hand to all of them. That and fabulous medical care. I am sending good thoughts & prayers for their medical teams as well.
Susan Huart More than 1 year ago
I am following all 3 myself. Nothing new on any, umm. Prayers for all God's creatures.
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
I have returned to see if there are updates here, none so far. Hope I'm not out of line here, but here are updates on Paynter for those who would like to know how he is doing. Paynter update as of Saturday, September 15th: The Zayat family has communicated that Paynter had a fever two days ago. His fever has gone back down, it is now at 100.7 degrees. His manure is solid. The laminitis is healing. They are hoping to have Paynter's casts off by this Thursday. Paynter continues to have an upbeat mood and is still fighting hard for his recovery. Paynter is grazing outside now for longer periods of time. Fabulous news! He's healing in small steps, but small steps are really great, big huge, encouraging steps considering how much Paynter has had to overcome. Paynter, we are all still sending you healing thoughts, good thoughts, and we pray for your complete recovery. You are doing a fabulous job fighting these illnesses! Keep up the good work, buddy! Continue to heal, fight your hardest to be well again. Stay strong, courageous & brave. We stand with you in solidarity in this battle. We pray for your wonderful doctors, who have been so dedicated to you. We pray for your owners and are thankful they have been in your corner every step of the way in this fight. Have another wonderful day of recovery. May your medications and casts continue to bring you relief and healing. We send you our good thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, brave & courageous! Go, Paynter, go!!
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
David, It's a coupla days since an update... With hopes you'll get more good news from Upstate. Good job Paynter!!!
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
Paynter continues to improve. According to tweets by Justin Zayat, Paynter's fever is gone, new x-rays have been taken. There is no sign of rotation, separation or sinking of Paynter's feet. Dr. Laura and Dr. Bramlage are optimistic. Paynter has gone outside again and played a little. All fabulous, positive signs. Played a little!! Isn't that great??!! Paynter, keep up the good work, buddy. You are a warrior. Fight hard, be brave, be courageous. You are doing a great job! We all still pray for you and for your good health. We thank your wonderful medical team for their dedication to your recovery. We pray for them, as well as your owner and his family. We all love you and want to see you totally well. Our goal is a happy, healthy life for you, and we stand in solidarity with you to see that happen. Paynter, we send you our good thoughts, healing thoughts, and prayers. Continue to heal and keep up your good attitude. Will be back tomorrow morning to check on your progress. We all look forward to hearing more good news about you. Hope you have another great, positive day today. Go, Paynter, go!!
Vinod Jhangimal More than 1 year ago
Great news Ms. Joy! Our prayers continue to be answered. Thank you C'mon Paynter, keep fighting the good fight. We are all rooting for you.
Susan Huart More than 1 year ago
Sooo happy to read this good news! Looks like our little Paynter Fan Club is helping with prayer. I've been off the grid lately and see the same names still supporting a positive message. Keep up the good work, Paynter, and his entourage bloggers. You all rule!
ctgreyhound More than 1 year ago
We need all the good news we can get. Too bad that the public outside of horse racing don't have the opportunity to (or don't care to) latch on to this horse and his story. It's enough to boost your spirits and bring the message of hope into people's lives. Sure, you say, it's just a horse, just an animal, but from acorns mighty oaks grow. Have a super day Paynter!
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
Still praying for you, Paynter. From the messages of today's tweets from Mr. Zayat, it sounds as if you are doing better. Stay strong, courageous and brave. Keep up the good attitude. We stand with you in solidarity, Paynter. Keep up the good work, you're doing a great job! We pray for your marvelous medical team, and for your devoted owner and his family. I will be back tonight and tomorrow morning to check on your progress, and I know we all look forward to hearing even more great news about your progress and your health. Go, Paynter, go!
Vinod Jhangimal More than 1 year ago
Joy, thank you for keeping us (well, at least, me) updated on his recovery. I looked at drf.com and espn.com to try to find updated news on Paynter and there weren´t any. I don´t use twitter so I was out of the loop on this one. Thanks again. As for the news on Paynter, that is truly fantastic. This horse has so much courage and will to live. Lord, I pray that you keep him safe, his owners and vets continue to reap the benefits and blessings from not having given up on him and gift all the fans who have sent prayers and best wishes by giving Paynter a long and happy life. I´ll tell you one thing, this is THE horse that everyone should breed their mares to from this crop of 3 year olds. His babies would have courage and heart in spades bred into them.
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
Thank you for your prayers for Paynter, Vinod. His progress and recovery are so inspiring and I'm sure the prayers and good thoughts from everyone on this forum have been of help. Everyday has brought uplifing news, for which I am grateful to hear and happy to pass along. Yes, I too am grateful Mr. Zayat and his son never gave up on Paynter. Many others would have. Because they showed faith in Paynter, Paynter is rewarding them, and all the rest of us, with his courage and bravery. Truly inspiring. Have a very good day, Vinod.
Ronnie Malo Rodriguez More than 1 year ago
If all the triple crown horses were in good health, I still believe Paynter would've emerged as the next best horse after I'll Have Another. I still think he would've beaten him in the fall, Unfortunately the 3 yo division is decimated. Bourbon Courage and Alpha I don't believe can carry the torch for the 3 yo's going into the BC.
unmarx1 More than 1 year ago
Gemologist still might have an opportunity .
anonymous More than 1 year ago
And sad too is IHA' s tendonitis and withdrawal from the Stakes I feel he would have won, for a triple crown. He would have moved up on the outside and defeated Union Rags also. As much as I like Paynter, including his unbeatabke name and its spelling, IHA could have accomplished this feat. The sport has been cheated this year with all these scratches and retirements. The racing associations should do all they can to encourage long careers and frequent racing. Keep breeding in the background. They could stipulate that horses that enter the Graded circuit be expected to compete as 4 yr. olds, none of this early retirement business after winning one race. If the horse is so disabled after winning one race that he has to retire, there's something wrong with his conditioning. They have to fix the drugging and be careful with shipping, there's alot that could be done to elevate the sport and keep it from being ruined by these exhorbitant breeding fees. Also, owners should be required to race their horses on a regular, healthy basis once they begin their careers, none of this lightly raced business. There are enough facilities to ensure that the top horses can stay busy. I can't believe there's that much individual variation in horse health, keep them healthy trainers! Keep them racing!
Susan Huart More than 1 year ago
I'm sure the champs of old are in agreement. Secretariat, Affirmed and Slew come to mind. It's so no the same, and yet it could have been this year.
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
I agree with many of your points, and I think this year would have been the perfect opportunity to institute a lot of these rules, the class of 3 year old horses, both male and female, was very superior this year and it saddens me that we are not going to get to see the majority of the top tier of these horses race into their 4th and 5th years. It's heartening to know Paynter continues to improve and might race again. Of the top tier of 3 year olds, Dullahan, Questing, Potesta, Grace Hall, My Miss Aurelia are the ones who are still healthy and racing in top form right now. Notice most of that list are fillies. Fillies have been holding the torch for years now in horse racing. They are the healthy champion horses again this year as well. Maybe the trainers are training them and scheduling their races in a much more logical way, maybe that is the reason the fillies and mares are faring better in racing.
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
I think Paynter would have emerged as the best horse this year after I'll Have Another, but a healthy I'll Have Another would have won the Triple Crown and would have still been the best horse in the country after the Breeder's Cup was over at the end of the year and would have had an incredible race record as a four and five year old horse. It would have been quite a rivalry, though. I'll Have Another & Bodemeister would have morphed into I'll Have Another & Paynter. Wow, that would have been some fabulous racing!! Two great warriors competing together. If only....... But I am thankful that Paynter is getting better and that I'll Have Another is healthy and happy in his new home in Japan. Things are what they are, and I am thankful they will both be healthy and happy. That's my goal for both of them. If Paynter gets to race again, that will be fabulous. The doctors are actually hopeful of that, which is just amazing.