Updated on 10/02/2014 3:37PM

Past performance data will note first-race geldings


Equibase, which collects past-performance information on horses for distributors, has added a notation to its entry data that will indicate that a horse is starting for the first time since being reported as a gelding, the company said Thursday.

The notation will appear as a small superscript “1” next to the horse’s sex in the entry data. The notation also will appear in Equibase race records.

Daily Racing Form , which receives its data from Equibase, will indicate that a horse is starting for the first time since being reported as a gelding with a "G" in reverse type in the sex line alongside the date that the sex-alteration report was filed, according to Chuck Kuehhas, the company’s director of data and handicapping. DRF also is considering adding a line to the past-performance records that will indicate when the gelding report was filed to divide the horse’s career into pre-gelding and post-gelding sections, Kuehhas said.

Over the years, many horseplayers have complained about the timeliness of gelding reports and the accuracy of the data. Typically, horseplayers learn that a horse has been reported as a gelding through announcements the day of the race or at entry time. Most past-performance providers, including DRF , previously did not note the filing of the reports in their data.

The new notations, however, will not address lingering problems with the reporting of geldings. Most states require trainers or owners to report that a horse has been gelded, but those reports sometimes do not get filed in a timely manner. In addition, some reports are filed well after a colt has been gelded because of circumstances involving claims and changes in barns.

Some horseplayers believe a horse can improve markedly in his first start as a gelding, largely because the horse may have been underperforming before being altered.

Daniel Garcia More than 1 year ago
Can you also let us know if they were drugged up that morning. Thanks.
rahman Williams More than 1 year ago
Checked the toke board horses odds get slashed in half or more in maiden claiming to Allowance. Bingo. Lol. Just kidding
Russell Rieckenberg More than 1 year ago
I would think all horses are drugged up the morning they are gelded.
[removed] More than 1 year ago
This comment has been deleted
rahman Williams More than 1 year ago
You mean ultimate removal of equipment
Joel Winicki More than 1 year ago
Do a little dance...... Make a little love.......... Get down tonight! Get down tonight!
Connor More than 1 year ago
Some geldings are still running places as entire horses.
Lawrence MacSelwiney More than 1 year ago
Found this out when Leonard Powell claimed Soi Phet and used him on his winning streak. They don't all turn out like Soi Phet, but that info is vital to horse players. Better late than never on the ultimate equipment change being noted.
Joey W More than 1 year ago
Great news. Now I do not have to look at the overnights anymore
Joel Firsching More than 1 year ago
could have used this info, back when gill was claiming and gelding. i still see the "B" for 5 micrograms of bute being used in iowa, nebraska, minnesota, and colorado, how come these states are still abusing bute ? the track cant tell if they are lame or not. bute positives increase with a higher dose. it also increases bleeding. trainers get to decide how many ccs of lasix are put into each horse, up to the limit. since lasix is a performance enhancer. how come the amount isnt listed in the pps ? cant we have "5L" listed for 5 ccs of lasix ? "10L" for 10 ccs. how come there isnt any "B" for 2 micrograms of bute ?
thomas j More than 1 year ago
Lasix is not a performance enhancer. But it does allow a horse to perform UP TO his ability, not above it.
Joel Firsching More than 1 year ago
a performance enhancer is drug that taken to perform faster. when european horses come over and use lasix. it is used to make their horses faster, not for bleeding purposes. in your words, steriods and EPO only make a horse perform to their ability.
James Mcrae More than 1 year ago
its about time well overdue lots of horses that have only one thing on theyre mind perform better when they dont have that on theyre mind anymore lol