01/09/2012 4:31PM

Parx Racing: Guerrero's attorney hopes Pennsylvania Racing Commission will dismiss ejection

Barbara Weidl/Equiphoto
Trainer Juan Carlos Guerrero was banned for 10 years by Parx Racing after he was charged with indecent assault without consent. The charges were dropped, but Parx has refused to lift the ban.

The attorney for trainer Juan Carlos Guerrero said he was shocked to learn that Parx Racing was going to continue to enforce its 10-year ban of the trainer despite the fact assault charges were dropped against him last week.

Further, attorney William Goldman Jr. said Parx’s claim that Guerrero “is a potential threat to all the women of our backstretch” is “outrageous” and “defamatory.”

The Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission is expected to hold a hearing on Parx’s ejection of Guerrero on Jan. 17.

On Dec. 21, Parx announced it was banning Guerrero for 10 years after he was charged with indecent assault without consent for improperly touching a female Parx employee on Nov. 16. Last week, a District Attorney for Bucks County (Pa.) dropped those charges.
However, Parx officials claim they are concerned that Guerrero could possibly repeat those actions – he was alleged to have hugged, kissed, and touched a woman on her behind without the women’s consent. Guerrero is married and has two children.

“The information we have indicates that Mr. Guerrero is a potential threat to all the women of our backstretch, and we will not lift our Ejection [sic] of him,” read an e-mail written by Frank McDonnell, the assistant general counsel for Parx Racing and Casino. “We believe the District Attorney used improper judgment and reasoning in not presenting the case to a jury, particularly since Mr. Guerrero admitted his conduct to the Bensalem Police. Additionally, the D A’s office, Parx Security, and the Bensalem Police all found the victim to be 100 percent credible in her allegation of unconsented physical touching.”

Goldman said he only learned of Parx’s intention to uphold the ban when contacted by the media Sunday.

“That’s outrageous,” Goldman said of Parx’s claim. “I was shocked to read it. I had expected Parx to do the right thing, which would have been to have immediately dismissed the eviction. Not only did they fail to do that, but they issued defamatory statements against Mr. Guerrero. We will trust the Racing Commission do the right thing, and that is to dismiss the eviction.”

Guerrero was the leading trainer at Parx in 2011, with 131 wins from 386 starters and purse earnings of $3,069,510.

Parx ejects jockey Vaz

Meanwhile, Parx has evicted jockey Eriluis Vaz from riding at its track after, according to McDonnell, Vaz “repeatedly entered a female jockey shower area while the complaining jockey was in the shower,” McDonnell wrote in an e-mail.

Vaz, who has not ridden at Parx since Dec. 13, was the eighth-leading rider at that track in 2011, with 82 wins from 440 starters.

In 2010, Vaz was suspended by Parx for 200 days after getting into a fight with another jockey during the running of a race