09/24/2016 9:41PM

Parx handle of $9.6 million second-best in track's history


BENSALEM, Pa. - Parx Racing handled $9.6 million on Saturday, the second-highest in track history, according to Joe Wilson, the chief operating officer of Parx.

The handle on Pennsylvania Derby/Cotillion Day was up 65 percent from last year, when Parx handled $5.8 million. The all-time record handle at Parx came on Pennsylvania Derby/Cotillion Day in 2014 when California Chrome ran in the Derby and Untapable raced in the Cotillion. Parx handled $10.3 million that day.

Although Parx doesn't charge for parking or admission, Wilson estimated attendance at the track Saturday to be more than 16,000.

"We used up all of our available parking in the lot and were parking people on the grass field," Wilson said.

Using the same barometer, Wilson's estimate for Pennsylvania Derby/Cotillion Day in 2014 was 17,000.

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Frank More than 1 year ago
I watched the race and have been betting for over 40+yrs -- I would never bet another dime at this track which I grew up around.  Its very very corrupt and one of the biggest cheat trainers - Ramon Preciado exists there.  He is pure gutter garbage
Richard Kennedy More than 1 year ago
PARX should put some of their profits to refurbish the North East Philadelphia Turf Club.  They have old monitors from when the place first opened.  
Peter McAvoy More than 1 year ago
Parx should take a lesson from Saratoga. Being from Saratoga having tv's on every tree throughout the park and allowing people to bring in beer and wine into the park brings a huge picnic feel to your visit. Shade everywhere horses prance through the crowds to the track. Just a over all great track. I moved here not expecting much however they let you bring beer and wine in. Then they changed it and won't allow that anymore. Now I had to wait in long lines to get a beer missing half the races during my pa derby visits. I no longer go because of this. Parx's... visit Saratoga and see how a track should run and if you have never been there its worth the 5 hour trip to go. I'd rather drive 5 hour than a hour to parx's
Mark Cull More than 1 year ago
Free parking Free admission & only $3.75 for 16oz Beer !! I was their yesterday had no trouble.No seating charge saw every race live from top floor,looking down at the finish line!!! Only BOX Seats at Saratoga. So you rather pay to enter & and for a seat at or near the finish line & to park just to lug in your cooler with your beer!! How much Did NYRA pay you to post this!!
Frank More than 1 year ago
Mark - you must just bet numbers when you play the races -- you cant handicap this track it is way way too corrupt -- enjoy your 3.75 beer as you are throwing your money away betting these races
J Vette More than 1 year ago
4 good Stakes races with 1 Superstar & some up & coming other stars brings the people & the Bettors... Great job Parx, Kudos.