06/20/2016 1:30PM

Ortiz brothers serving suspensions


ELMONT, N.Y. – Jockeys Jose Ortiz and Irad Ortiz Jr. have combined to win 30 percent of the races run at this meet (102 for 343). But for the next three racing days at least, neither will be appearing in the winner’s circle.

Both Ortiz brothers are serving suspensions starting Wednesday. Jose Ortiz, who leads the standings with 61 wins, is serving a three-day suspension for a careless-riding infraction from June 15. His suspension was reduced from five days for waiving his right of appeal.

Irad Ortiz Jr., who is second in the standings with 41 victories, begins a five-day suspension after dropping an appeal of a careless-riding infraction handed to him in April at Aqueduct.

The battle for third in the jockey standings is between Manny Franco (34), Joel Rosario (31), and Javier Castellano (31).

Castellano was fined a total of $2,000 by the stewards for two infractions a day apart June 10-11.

◗ Belmont enjoyed a huge Father’s Day from a business standpoint, as all-sources handle Sunday was $10,555,372, a 40 percent increase over last year’s Father’s Day figure of $7,497,435. Ontrack handle was $2,046,554, a whopping 55 percent increase over last year’s figure of $1,318,743. Nine races were run on both days.

Attendance on Sunday was 12,605, a 46 percent increase over last year's crowd of 8,632.

Trevor Webster 9 months ago
I like the oritz brothers but no way they should allow them to ride at the same track.I see it all day in day out where they both ride and protect each other.and I agree with Mark no way the Stewart should have 3 horse after the Belmont stake and I said this because I played the 1 horse watch the one horse turn for home
Mark Klein 10 months ago
The stewards should be banned for their DQ of the 3 horse the race after the Belmont stakes. Worst call ever.
Ray Sousa 10 months ago
Read article in form. Father figure stands behind Ortiz brothers success ..by R Goldbeg
Scott Scheib 10 months ago
it looks and"smells" like a version of "the bayou brothers" AKA the Melancon's.
What should concern players most is that what information do the Ortiz brothers know and discuss before races.  Now that they have the taste and feel of major circuit success, corruption and cheating "may" follow right behind it.  Another unfortunate obstacle for us players.
Ray Sousa 10 months ago
I read an article were they interviewed a friend they lived with that said that they would spend the night before going over the racing form and that they would always be over at Angel Cordeiros house riding a mechanical horse he has . Cordeiros is the agent for J Velasquez and I believe E Cancel . So why are two competing jockeys and their friend who is a security for Nyra doing at his house on a regular basis. 
Eddie Lazaro 10 months ago
You are right as I have seen I. Ortiz, Jr lost a race while he was way (5L) ahead in the backstretch on a longshot and did not do anything, was taken over by the eventual winner. A big question in my mind arise then, until you finally suggest that, that might be the answer!
Jose Hernandez 10 months ago
It is a biased betting sport. Yet, Scott, these kids are millionaires breaking every record in the NY Ramos and other international circuits. Don't jump to misleading conclusions. 
Ray Sousa 10 months ago
Then theres the Patin clan ..staring with Billy Patin and his brother Joe.
Robert Butcher 10 months ago
this is long overdue.  They need to keep an eye on these two.  I've seen many instances where one has benefited from the nefarious antics of the other.  It's amazing how many times these two have run one-two.  Things that make to go, hmm.
james hallal 10 months ago
no question nyra turns a blind eye to the fact the Ortiz brothers play games when riding in the same race. if they are both on speed horses one will always take back and allow the other to set an uncontested pace. this has been going on for years. yes they are both very talented and yes they play games during a race to help each other out. as far as irad is concerned his rough riding is going to get someone seriously injured or worse. time for nyra to get serious with these guys.      .  
Ray Sousa 10 months ago
The stewards should split this pair up and have one go to another circuit. What racing form is not telling you is why they are being suspended if I'm not mistaken the June 15 race was one were one of the Ortiz brothers won after the other impeded Rosario from beating him. Basically two brothers working together . If that was not the race in question then it's another incident a suspension would be in order. From what I understand there are just too many related jockeys in New York ..you have the Ortiz brothers and Manny Franco .the Davies clan and now E Cancell is married to Taylor Rice .so the majority of races are 6 horse fields were you have one clan ridding as many as 3  or 4 horses. Ridiculous.
Nelson Figueroa 10 months ago
ray you should get your fact's straight, before you say stupid comment , like this one your saying
Ray Sousa 10 months ago
I don't see you disputing that the suspension in question involved one brother impeding some other jockey . Actually it was Javier Castellano who actually won the race and then was taken down when One of the Ortiz brothers claimed foul. So one Ortiz is on the lead the other Ortiz is busy pinning down Casellano on the rail .Castellano tries to get away but Ortiz won't let him .finally Castellano tries to bull his way out but Ortiz puts his horse right on him. Finally the horse pushes him out and catches the other Ortiz horse . Brother claims foul and voila .anoher win for the Ortiz tag team. It's just unfair to see teams of jockeys colluding in any.
Steve Wilson 10 months ago
These guys are in their early 20's, and will dominate NY racing for as long as they want to.  Get used to it.
Ray Sousa 10 months ago
Sure they will apparently Taylor rice will now join the tag team . She can now just get in the way or be the rabbit .
Scott Scheib 10 months ago
Ray you are spot on!  Just the fact that siblings are riding on the same circuit smells badly to an already tarnished industry.  You will find more indiscretions as these young men get more rich and greedy.  just watch.  it never fails.
Anonymous 10 months ago
do your homework sir. Taylor Rice is marrying Jose Ortiz
Ray Sousa 10 months ago
Ok it's worse than I thought. So now you have 2 brothers a cousin and soon one of their wives all riding on the same circuit.
Eddie Lazaro 10 months ago
Sorry to say, but they can not do ban a jockey without a major infraction or they will be facing a multi million lawsuit for trying to stop them from earning. The best they can do is keep a watchful eyes whenever these brothers are riding in the same race and if they are impeding other riders to favor the other brother to win.
Earl Rhodes 10 months ago
Race fixing has been going on for ever , CAVEAT
r 10 months ago
Say hello to the 2 new sheriffs in town.  The Ortiz brothers stay back in NY in the winter and it has paid off.  
miguel 10 months ago
CONGRTS JOSE~ champeno!!on your blessing enganent BLESSING TO THE BOTH AND GOOD HEALTH>!!!! MUCHA bendicons!!!!
dave 10 months ago
Jose Ortiz is having an unbelievable year. Castellano is being dethroned from the NY titles and possibly Eclipse Award, if Jose Ortiz can keep this up all year.
miguel 10 months ago
they both have natural  blessing talents gift of GOD...continue sucess  brothers GOD BLESS champeno!!!!!!!!!!! 
Scott Scheib 10 months ago
not a chance Dave, look at the standings.  Your Ortiz brothers do not travel for every major stakes race.  They are still not in the top 5 traveling "money riders"
Sorry buddy, maybe in a couple years.
Alejandro Azcarate 10 months ago
Jose Ortiz only wins in NY, Castellano goes everywhere there is a major race, that's why he's not on top of the leaderboard as far as Belmont standings...