07/03/2013 1:38PM

Orb has first work since Belmont Stakes at Fair Hill

Barbara D. Livingston
Orb is likely to skip the Jim Dandy and go straight to the Travers.

Kentucky Derby winner Orb on Wednesday took his first serious step toward the second half of his 3-year-old campaign by working three furlongs in 36 seconds over the dirt surface at the Fair Hill training center in Maryland.

Trainer Shug McGaughey, who was not at Fair Hill for the work – Orb’s first since his third-place finish in the Belmont Stakes – said all reports were good from exercise rider Jennifer Patterson, who did work the colt.

“Jenn was very pleased,” McGaughey said. “He’s down there with Bruce Jackson and he was very pleased. All things are moving along forwardly.”

McGaughey said that his current plan is to skip the Jim Dandy on July 27 and train Orb up to the Travers Stakes at Saratoga on Aug. 24.

“I’m planning on training to the Travers but that could change,” McGaughey said. “I don’t want to get into anything and throw away all we accomplished in the last 3 1/2 weeks. He’s getting his energy level back, he’s put on quite a bit of weight. His attitude is really good. I don’t want to take one step forward and two back. I want to take three forward.”

Orb, who finished fourth in the Preakness, has been at Fair Hill since June 9, the day after the Belmont Stakes. Initially, McGaughey wasn’t going to keep Orb at Fair Hill very long, but reports from Jackson, a former trainer who manages Fair Hill, have been so positive, that he elected to extend Orb’s time down there.

“Bruce Jackson was telling me he is doing awful good down there and there’s a lot more that I can do with him there than I can here,” McGaughey said, referring to Belmont.

While at Fair Hill, Orb has taken advantage of the hyperbaric chamber while also getting daily salt water spa treatments on his legs. Orb takes mile walks to the track and back and, on days when the dirt surface is wet, he can train over the all-weather Tapeta surface.

McGaughey said that Orb would work again at Fair Hill once or twice more before moving up to Saratoga in mid-to-late July.

* McGaughey said Point of Entry, who suffered a condylar fracture to his left hind leg winning the Grade 1 Manhattan on Belmont Day, is walking twice a day at Niall Brennan’s farm in Ocala, Fla., following surgery.

McGaughey said Point of Entry will walk for another three or four weeks before starting to jog. McGaughey remains hopeful that Point of Entry could return for a late fall campaign.

Ron Solberg More than 1 year ago
orb has been my pick for the travels for a long time thinking back to sea hero won the derby then a few misses and came back to take the travels. i feel that orb will do the same thing. i sure hope so.
Scott More than 1 year ago
I still think Orb is the top of this class and will show it over the next couple races. Oxbow did show me something in the Belmont though. The fractions in that race were insane for 1 1/2 miles and he again showed his ability to stay. I would have liked him more in the Derby with a better post. Orb still would have been my choice, but Oxbow wouldn't have been tossed. I'm still kicking myself for not taking a flyer on Oxbow in the Preakness. I actually touted his Derby performance to my family and friends and even went so far as to suggest he was worth a flyer. Instead, I went with Will Take Charge as my longshot special and the rest is history. Good thing Orb and Golden Soul Exacta hit or my TVG account would be empty. LOL! Go ORB!
kc m More than 1 year ago
it's good to see him back on the work tab--the fear that the veterans of the 3 yo spring campaign won't make it back for the fall is ever-present this time of year. if he hadn't had a work and shug was talking about skipping the jim dandy, i'd have been pretty worried, but since he is back to work, i can understand shug's hesitation about running him in it. it's less than a month away and he likely wants to have orb's tank on full, rather than at 3/4 full for the travers--which for orb is harder to do after multiple races since shug doesn't medicate pre-race like his competitors do. shug probably hopes to point orb toward the JCGC after the travers and then the BCC...and he's probably a little gun shy of having a tired horse come november, based on the triple crown results. i don't think he really needs to worry, since orb handled one month spacing very well at GP, but since shug has a better understanding of what the TC took out of orb, if he thinks he needs more time to recuperate, i won't argue. i'm still waiting for DRF to acknowledge in one of these articles that orb and giant finish were the only horses in the belmont running clean--as confirmed by the NYRA. that deserves to be touted. DRF's silence is deafening. when orb ran against a clean field in the KY derby (which was mandated and strictly enforced), he won easily; when he ran against medicated fields in the preakness and belmont, he struggled. and for any who moan that that is just another excuse, i ask you--if you competed clean against medicated competitors, and came in 3rd and 4th respectively, would you find the results fair and above reproach? would you want your clean status and their medicated status to remain a secret? i guaranty that if this had been announced pre-race, there is no way orb would have gone off the favorite in either the preakness or the belmont. and that says it all.
jerry buffington More than 1 year ago
shug,,,,shug.....orb ran a super race against the same horses he lost to in the preakness and belmont.......lets taka a look at the three races.... derby.....orb wins on a muddy track, but the race was a very cleanly run race.....Preakness......orb runs his in his CUSTOMARY style, but has his move to the lead cut short by titletown rushing up to block his intended path to the insid of oxbow...watch the replay to see how this unfolded;;;;belmont........since no one coukl understand what happened in the preakness, they decide to take orb farther back in the belmont and let him make that one BIG run......BAD mistake....that left way too much for orb or most other horses to do in a12 furlong race...shug...shug...run the j dandy or haskell and then the travers,but run orb in his customary style..ORB is not the fastest ,but his move to the lead is awesome to watch.....
Tim More than 1 year ago
point of entry walking twice a day? thought maybe rest would be the right thing after surgery. were screws used to repair?
aelafave More than 1 year ago
I used to oversee post-op racehorse care at a Lexington training facility. Walking twice a day already is not unusual - especially with a hock injury. Pure stall rest is usually just a few days. He'll be jogging by the end of the month, I would imagine.
mrm More than 1 year ago
Post-op for these type of injuries must have changed. I have owned two horse with similar injuries and believe me they were not jogging after one month.
Tim More than 1 year ago
that's what I was thinking. not looking at the xray who would know?
kc m More than 1 year ago
weight bearing exercise from the start is the standard in mending bones for both humans and horses now--it promotes new bone growth and stronger bones than inactivity does
Tim More than 1 year ago
ok. I would like to know the severity of the fracture but .....
a a More than 1 year ago
If you would like to know the severity of the fracture, go buy your own horse. enough whining from know nothings.
Tim More than 1 year ago
hey I will be contacting drf about people who have no respect for those using this site.