Updated on 09/17/2011 9:50PM

Ontrack fans can Choose Six


Delaware Park will formally debut a pick six bet on Saturday that will allow the bettor to select which six races to include in the sequence, under a new type of wager that is being marketed by a subsidiary of the financial services company Cantor Fitzgerald.

Under the bet, which is being called the Choose Six, all bettors who play the wager will bet into one pool regardless of which six races are chosen for the sequence, with equal payouts to any tickets that have six winners in six races, regardless of the differences in prices between any horses in the sequences. Minimum bet for the choose six will be $1, and takeout will be 25 percent.

Delaware offered Choose Six betting on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, but according to Peter Rotondo, a spokesman for Cantor Index, the early offering was primarily to allow tellers to become familiar with placing the wager. No one hit the Choose Six on any of the three days, resulting in a modest carryover of $1,267.

The Choose Six will only be available to customers at Delaware Park, according to Joe Asher, the managing director of Cantor Index, the company that has patented the bet, because technology to expand the bet to other tracks has not yet been fully tested. Asher said that he expects the bet to be expanded to other tracks "sometime this year," although he could not be specific.

, a British bookmaking company, patented the Choose Six late last year and began marketing it to racetracks in partnership with Scientific Games Racing, the bet-processing company formerly known as Autotote. Under the patent, Cantor and Scientific Games will retain a portion of the wagering on the bet.

Asher said he believed that bettors would embrace the new concept because it will allow a bettor to play to his strengths on a card and because bettors would be able to play additional pick six wagers after being eliminated earlier in the card.

"It's all about giving customers choice," Asher said, drawing parallels to football parlay bets offered in Vegas in which players can select which games to include in the parlay.

Delaware Park is guaranteeing a $50,000 pool for the Choose Six on Sunday, when the track will hold the $1 million Delaware Handicap.