08/12/2011 4:28PM

Oklahoma Thoroughbred Association disbands


The Oklahoma Thoroughbred Association, which has represented the state’s breeders since 1958, will turn that duty over to the Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma, a branch of the National Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, beginning Monday.

“The board of directors of the TRAO and the board of directors of the OTA both unanimously voted to have a single voice and single representation for Thoroughbred racing in the state of Oklahoma, so with that the OTA is dissolving,” said Justin Cassity, executive director for TRAO. “The TRAO will become both the racing and the breeding representative in the state. The TRAO is changing a bylaw to appoint two current members of the OTA board to the TRAO board.”

Cassity said the OTA board members appointed will be Dan Case, the organization’s most recent president, and Tim Denny. OTA had about 350 members, with 85 percent of those members already with the TRAO, said Cassity. Before the merger, there were approximately 1,820 members of TRAO.

The registration of stallions in Oklahoma will continue to be handled through the Oklahoma Racing Commission.
There are three new members on the Oklahoma Racing Commission: Joe Lucas, Ran Leonard and Phil Kirk. Their first meeting was Thursday.