12/08/2011 5:44PM

NYRA to work with state on Lasix regulations


In response to the position taken by several industry entities to restrict the raceday use of the anti-bleeding medication Lasix in 2012, the New York Racing Association's board of directors passed two resolutions at its monthly meeting held Wednesday.

First, the board directs NYRA management "to work with the New York State Racing and Wagering Board to establish appropriate regulations and other conditions as appropriate."

Secondly, the board requested that the Racing Commissioners International hold public hearings to solicit comment on the issue of raceday administration of Lasix and as a result of those hearings draft a "model rule" to achieve a uniform standard and regulations addressing the issue of raceday administration of Lasix.

NYRA's board felt the need to pass these resolutions in reaction to the Breeders' Cup's proposal to ban Lasix in its 2-year-old races in 2012 as well as the American Graded Stakes Committee’s proposal to remove the grade from any 2-year-old graded stakes race that permits the runners to participate on Lasix.

The New York State Racing and Wagering Board has not issued an official position on regulating the current rules regarding Lasix.

"There is an on-going process between the Racing and Wagering Board and track operators - including NYRA - to make sure the best interests of racing are upheld," said Lee Park, a NYSRWB spokesperson.