06/20/2012 4:35PM

NYRA takeover bill advances


A bill giving New York politicians control over the New York Racing Association’s board of directors passed unanimously out of the state Assembly on Wednesday and was sent to the Senate, where it is expected to pass without any significant opposition before the legislature’s scheduled adjournment Thursday.

The bill will dissolve NYRA’s current 25-member board and replace it with a 17-member slate. Under the bill, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will receive eight appointments to the new board, and the leadership of the state’s Assembly and Senate will receive two appointments each. NYRA would receive the other five appointments.

A separate bill that would allow Catskill Off-Track Betting Corporation to take over OTB operations in New York City’s five boroughs had not been heard in the Assembly as of late Wednesday afternoon. The bill is not expected to generate wide support.

Robert Gotland More than 1 year ago
How can the advanced computer system of CDI United Tote make a mistake like taking out the wrong take out from Keeneland Races, once you program the computer its acts according to CDI supposed to be the trustworthy policeman of horse racing officials, notice the same problem never occurred or affected the CDI United Tote Calder Racetrack etc and or any of the MID Group Am Tote racetracks or OTB Facilities of CDI etc a major red flag to be raised public and or is this take out problem which only affected NYRA not a major eye opener to the secret CDI/MID Group's white collar crimes going from from behind their closed Masonic doors which are well supported by Corporate and State Department crimes refer to conspiredcorruption.wordpress.com
Robert Gotland More than 1 year ago
Recall CDI United Tote admitted to NYRA thta they cost the NYRA bettors - wagering public or simulcast audiences in NY 8.6 MILLION due to their CDI United Tote wrong take out on the not for profit Keeneland Races in 2012 yet the problem relates around the NYRA surely the Senate should Federal Indict CDI and their subsidiary company United Tote for deliberately conspiring to steal 8..6 million of the trustworthy wagering public hard earned monies recall CDI sent in their undercover shareholders like Kenny Noe etc into the NYRA camp from 1999 which allowed them to connive a federal indictment from 2003 to 2005 for money laundering, or could we call it white collar crimes well supported by Corporate and State Department crimes. refer to conspiredcorruption.wordpress.com
Robert Gotland More than 1 year ago
What a joke wagering public this power will be given secretly over to the two self Governing Masonic bodies of Churchill Downs and MID Group who have been operating for over three decades as United Tote - CDI and Mid Group as Am Tote who deliberately sent in their shareholders and executive directors to dismantle the not for profit NYRA, from 1999 it was all in the plan of Thoams Meeker/the matermind to simulcasting the alte Sir Graham Beck - son Anthony Beck which originated from South Africa and its self Governing Masonic Jockey Club which in all ways was always closely knitted to Maryaland Jockey Club and Churchill Downs INC refer to conspiredcorruption.wordpress.com
mikey More than 1 year ago
Great place to put stiff's that helped get the gov elected.Not one of them will know which end of the horse eat's from.The only time they go to the track is for a free lunch on a big day.GREAT JOB GOV.
Tim Bullock More than 1 year ago
Now if only the NY pols would lift the ban on Palm Sunday/Easter Sunday racing in the state... now that would be progress!
Roy Sankar More than 1 year ago