11/07/2014 2:40PM

NYRA seeking input from fans


OZONE PARK, N.Y. – The New York Racing Association will begin holding quarterly meetings seeking input from horseplayers, fans, and members of the local communities of its three tracks – Aqueduct, Belmont, and Saratoga. The first meeting is scheduled for Nov. 15 at 9:30 a.m. at Longshots, a simulcasting facility on the second floor at Aqueduct.

Christopher Kay, NYRA’s chief executive and president, said each quarterly meeting will be scheduled for a Saturday in order to make it convenient for people to attend.

The meetings will be one hour in duration and include Kay and members of NYRA’s management team. Those who cannot attend and wish to offer feedback may do so by email at nyra@nyrainc.com.

A second meeting will be scheduled at Aqueduct in late March, with the series continuing following the return of live racing to Belmont Park in the spring.

mikey More than 1 year ago
I have gone to the BIG A contest for years in NOV (NEXT WEEK) The last 3 races of the contest you need a flashlight to read the form.You pay 400 $$ to get into the contest and 2 light bulbs in a bay of 12 are working.I have 2 words for NYRA HOME DEPOT.
Boyd Cord More than 1 year ago
well okay let's start why is Saturday's 2nd race off the turf? clear sunny day in November. I don't get it and a 45-1 shot wins I'm out $20 on a race I'd of never played if I knew it was off-the-turf. Put the dogs out. do something or just don't schedule turf racing Nov-Mar.
zolaism More than 1 year ago
Sorry folks that this "series"(sic) is only a generation too late !
Pete Sundar More than 1 year ago
Dave, I would like to submit my input in absentia : 1. It has been almost two months since Alvarado's appeal and the stewards have yet to rule. Com'on Man! Surely, they ought to have finished looking at the replays by now. 2. Our wonderful stewards must be hanging their heads in shame, after Castellano just this week agreed to accept his five days for his ride in the Nashua ...LAST YEAR ! 3. This is the only jurisdiction that post scratches just 90 minutes before the first race. 4. Our unscientific survey revealed that the most raceday scratches are committed by NY most successful and controversial trainers " Jacobson, Rudy , Rice and Nevin. The obvious implication is that whatever they are giving to the horses have not worn off, hence the scratch. Are the stewards aware of this, and if so what have they done about it ? Thanks
Walter More than 1 year ago
Wonderful idea. I just hope that this is not just some charade for horseplayers.